Friday :: Apr 10, 2009

Got Any Seeds, Brother?

by paradox

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I had the honor and privilege of seeing Jill Richardson present in Texas last year at Netroots Nation, and soon thereafter she was interviewed by His Cuteyness, Bill in Portland Maine at Daily Kos. Given the chance at one message she wanted to be heard above all else, she asked that her people—if they did—stop smoking.

I’m on my second day with no cigarettes and frankly am in no mood for the often galling pettiness of American politics, so my pixels will be at Jill’s place today. I don’t think the Blogfather will mind, not really, ‘n at least on some levels I’m obviously functional, thank baby Jesus yesterday is over with, so I should be back to my allegedly normal self soon. Two weeks, two years, we’ll see.

Except for some extremely small adjustments St. Jude’s Victory Food Bank Garden is finally completed. I insist on an automatic watering system to conserve time and water but it’s a serious pain the ass to install, actually. I had to trench 50 yards by hand, and I think squatting on the ground constantly to install pvc is hard, to say nothing of pushing joints together with everything you’ve got. All the parts cost money, and the valve installation sucked.

I got some help for it, I knew I was far too disgusted to be patient at that point, and was very glad I did, for we missed the initial water line, then couldn’t get the valves to work, so the pro got spooked and made cuts everywhere to test and finally spliced over a new line, which still resulted in no water. A call to tech supp the next day solved the issue, so each valve now has a fully functional battery timer.

Timed valves are obviously not the implementation for everyone, if it didn’t mean showing up every day to water in the summer I’d just stretch out soaker lines and manually attach a hose for a manual shut-off, it’s far less time and money to set up.

In any event all is done, as soon as the soils warm up I’ll begin planting, and I’m in a bit of a quandary there, for I have this terribly sad collection of seeds from Home Depot. Here is the time to select and pass on the precious mysterious genes that help feed our people, and do I trust the rapaciously greedy sumbitch corporate delivery of them to Home Depot? I think not.

Years past I would have thought nothing of it, but being around Jill’s blog for a while instilled a heavy caution when anything to do with seeds comes up. When does breeding trip over the line to genetically modified? Does it really matter if seeds are certified organic? Should I plant heirloom strains only? I got a terrific link from an awesome pot diary at Daily Kos, should I order seeds only from them? They’re all heirloom and organic, but like I say I truly don’t know the significance of this.

Any suggestions, ideas or links would be mighty welcome, I’d like to get this right. The next three days I’m away from the garden, it’s holy days at the church, of course, so next week will have to do to start planting. If the soils warm up by then.

No, I didn’t forget, Ms. Jill Richardson. Please have a great day.

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