Thursday :: Apr 16, 2009

Obstructing Justice By Any Other Name

by Deacon Blues

Mr. President, you can give all the pretty speeches you want about "this being a time for reflection, not retribution". It's all fluff, and you constantly get away with it on the subject of torture because you think that simply closing Gitmo and supposedly closing the Agency's black sites gets you a pass on prosecuting war crimes here at home.

It doesn't.

I can almost see the logic of letting the Agency staff off the hook for their "just following orders" defense. Plus, the agency has you scared shitless and you still stupidly think that not going after the Agency will somehow buy you some bipartisanship from a party that has no desire to be bipartisan.

But if you plan to extend this unwillingness to prosecute torturers to those who wrote and approved the war crimes policies, then you have not only enabled future war crimes, but you've prevented the highest law enforcement agency in the land from enforcing our own laws and the Geneva Convention protocols.

In other words Mr, President, you yourself will be obstructing justice. And if you go that far, for any reason, you are no better than George W. Bush.

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