Thursday :: Apr 23, 2009

I’ll Wait on 100 Day Grades

by paradox

Robert Reich of Salon handed out 100 Day grades yesterday, a fun and very useful analysis tool, but I’ll wait this milestone out before I pass out Obama grades. I’m walking through some change, right, I have nightmares, hours of heightened awareness I haven’t previously experienced, and I’m ruthlessly combative (with zero regard for self) to a level I’m positive 50% of my readers can’t even comprehend.

I wouldn’t just stick to Econ and there would be at least 2 more F’s to pass out if I tried, and quite frankly I’m really tired of throwing incompetence grenades at our own people. The truth is always necessary but there damn well is a line where teamwork and loyalty is crossed. I don’t know where it is and it seriously creases me to even wonder if I’ve crossed it, being a pugnacious gadfly is not my destiny in this life. Certainly not today, at any rate.

Besides, it’s time for an annual photo essay post that should do me some good, California Spring Roses. The light will be lousy, I have to make an extra trip to Cupertino for it and it may just be a ridiculous ego meander, but I need a day away from critical policy analysis, that’s just the way it is. I’ll see y’all around 1100 Pacific, Left Coasters. Please have a wonderful day, may Democracy be with us.

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