Saturday :: Apr 25, 2009

Apologizing to Hissy Fits Has Got to Stop

by paradox

Acute, disbelieving dismay is my reaction to the news that Department of Homeland (yo, Adolf, howzit going?) Security Secretary Janet Napolitano groveled to our right-wing freak-outs and actually apologized for a recent DHS terrorist analysis that stated the plain fact combat veterans could be recruited by right-wing extremist groups, just as Timothy McVeigh was.

Be we go on two elements require crystal clarity. I am really, really tired of criticizing my own people, I don’t like it, it is not my sketched path in this life, it alienates me from the Party and worst of all stresses me out. I’m patiently instructed to become a glass-half-full sumbitch as a vital component to my physical health and this constant pathetic Democratic pandering blows that ridiculous life paradigm to hell, duty dictates this has to be dealt with, criticism here I come.

This is very serious, for active liberals and progressives it should never be seen as some innocuous story way down the list at Google News, I would never internally swat mental nausea aside to write about it on some whim. This incredible behavior directly leads and reflects so many of our political problems, as poor Al Franken has so viciously found out, yet Democrats never learn and we still suffer greatly from it.

Republican reaction to the analysis was never about real anger, of course not, it was a classic hissy fit—so accurately classified by Digby—precisely and solely designed to bully Democrats. Again, how anyone is remotely fooled by the faux outrage from these clowns in these tantrums is beyond me, but these hissy fits have nothing to do with anger and everything to do with bullying, manipulating, shaming, and pushing Democrats around. This was not an expected or acceptable outcome to kicking the Republican’s ass in 2006’n 2008, for Christ’s sake.

The study was ordered under the Bush administration, it never precisely implicated the Republican party in any illegal behavior whatsoever and reached plain obvious conclusions, but hissy fits never matter about truth or decency, they always counter-act severe weakness while simultaneously bullying Democrats. The main elements to the bullying are almost always national security or military personnel, two factors that always make Democrats cringe and get defensive, instantly retreating and bowing before the inevitable capitulation.

This time the thrust of the fit was that DHS and Democrats inferred disgrace and terrorist activity upon our sacred military veterans. Forget about Walter Reed, okay, veterans mean everything to Republicans! How dare those Democrats—those pussy, peacenick, socialist-pandering Democrats—insult our brave fighters and country this way!

So Napolitano turned and ran, like so many Democrats before her. She apologized yesterday, facts, truth, decency and hey, political health and survival be damned, drink that failure down, bitches, the Liberal Media noise machine, the terrifying Mighty Wurlitzer that hires Mary Matalin and Karl Rove is always to be feared and wussed out too. Every time. As always our Republican cousins can gloat in their success and be horribly emboldened to continue the deeply disgusting behavior.

Why do Republicans act so nefariously and detrimentally to the Republic by essentially negating the election of Al Franken? Because they’re so utterly confident they can, that’s why, if Democrats can be made to wilt by that intellectually pathetic DHS hissy fit, why not? It’s also fun to humiliate Democrats and infuriate their base, very good fun.

Why not constantly bray and whine about deficits now that Obama is president, even though Republicans wrecked our finances and looted the Treasury for eight years in galling screaming hypocrisy. Go for it, the liberal media always came through for Dick, right, (“it’s our best platform”) and sure enough, heh, Obama just came out for Pay as You Go while increasing the Defense budget. Works so beautifully, don’t it?

This is simply classic bullying—Democrats and Obama beat the holy hell out of the GOP for two consecutive national elections, Republicans currently define dazed and confused, self-destructing on multiple fronts, yet they deny, lie, and bluster their way to political victories time after time with these pathetic hissy fits.

Obama has recently mocked and ridiculed Republican budget positions, it’s so easy and effective to do, yet it never seems to occur to all Party members plain facts, stalwart cheerful ridicule and never backing down is the only possible response to these tantrums. Until the pathetic surrendering stops Republicans will continue to win and obstruct, elections be damned. Duty to Republic, Party and god damn human dignity mandates this immediately stop forever, please do so.

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