Wednesday :: Apr 29, 2009

Staying Right Down The Middle

by Deacon Blues

A couple of quick notes to follow up on what everyone else has been saying of late. First, everyone needs to understand that Specter's decision was made purely out of political self-interest, and is not some seismic shift in our national politics. Specter wants to stay in the Senate, pure and simple, and wasn't going to get past Pat Toomey in the GOP primary next year because the Pennsylvania state GOP, like so many other states these days, is populated by mostly far right loons. No one should be giddy over any new opportunities for the Democratic agenda, other than moderate approaches on health care, the economy, education, and energy. These are the core of Obama's stated agenda, and Specter's move will help on those issues. But beyond that, forget it.

Obama knows he has a 65% approval rating with Gallup.

He knows the GOP is heading into a big hole already.

He knows that a majority of the country wants to move on from illegalities earlier in this decade, and turn the page.

He knows that there are cracks in the GOP wall on getting some of his nominees through the Senate.

In other words, don't expect Obama to make any sudden lurches to the left now that Specter has a "D" next to his name. Obama will stay in the middle, and drive progressives mad on some issues. That's just the way he is. He'll focus on middle-of-the-road stuff and not risk any real political capital now.

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