Saturday :: May 2, 2009

Supreme Court Nominee Compromise with GOP? Never

by paradox

Lost in all the achievement milestones and hoopla over Obama’s first 100 days in office was an event on April 23 that reassured me to a great extent we have a good President: he reminded our Republican cousins—three times—that he had sincerely reached out for bipartisanship in the stimulus workup and got stabbed in the back for it. The little whiners said President Obama was “thin-skinned” for it.

This is how a pathetic loser party comes about, by the way. They talk out of both sides of their face about how terrible liberals are but now that they have no power how critically important it is we compromise with them. Precisely because of their incompetence we face a possible Depression, yet they chuck country to the winds to play privileged white male dick games and stab the President over imperative stimulus. When the country is virulently disgusted (polling confirms it) and the President later reminds them they are totally screwed for it, like hell he’s forgotten, they horribly spin it by suggesting the President has sensitivity problems.

Keep on losing, Grand Old Party. Government is all we have to get us out of our conflagration, folks are watching very closely, and they saw this pathetic whining display by obnoxious quarrelling little boys who were rightly being called out for being such manifest fuckups. Winners employ honesty and responsibility every day, try it sometime, maybe it will stop that 2012 slide to 30 senators.

Winners also learn quickly, as President Obama does. I noticed on the 100 day lists of achievements and mistakes stimulus compromise rarely made it, but I was absolutely livid at the time, for a Machiavellian realist few things are as infuriating as watching politicians enact policy for a world as they wish it to be, not as the implacable reality staring them in the face demands it to be so. Republicans had earned not a nanosecond of trust, we gave up critical dollars—every cent counts to get the country back—and Republicans made President Obama look weak when they sucker-punched him on the vote, all of which was so 100% predictable. Nope, President Obama won’t forget that when it comes to nominating our next Supreme Court Justice.

Another element of the stimulus workup should always be remembered as the Supreme Court nominee is chosen: even though they’re losers with no ideas who often rant hypocritical gibberish (cutting taxes raises revenue deficits never mattered under Bush but do now) Republicans are all over television. By ratios of 2-1, sometimes 3-1, corporate American “journalism” gives Republicans face and idea time for their ridiculous spin. Just because Republicans dominate television doesn’t mean they dominate the country’s thinking, not hardly.

Scoff if one wishes, television relevance is an easy trap to fall into, it’s a big part of how the bubble is inflated around DC. The reporters and opposition are everywhere, it’s difficult to combat the relentless daily hectoring, bullshit and spin, then only to go home to television and see them everywhere too.

We can be very confident that after the little tricks Republicans have pulled on the stimulus and other matters the inevitable hourly Republican whining on TV about how the next Supreme Court justice needs to be centrist, how the white dudes just cannot face any more searing American persecution, well, it’s just empty political white noise, USSC justice compromise with Republicans here isn’t necessary and wouldn’t happen in a million years, not in the context of American politics 2009.

In a bit of fun and hopeful learning for our good American Republican cousins, let us reinforce some implacable reality upon our collective American political consciousness, shall we? Republicans have gotten their unholy asses kicked in the last two elections and currently whine under a Democratic President with frigid Congressional minority status, they’re so out in the cold the Democrats have 60 Senate votes, man. Republican polling numbers went south even more, if that were possible, after they obstructed countering a Depression. The wattles of Mitch McConnell tremble bravely in GOP leadership as viciously internecine Rush-led battles break out everywhere. Many seasoned observers say they’ve never seen anything so politically pathetic, and they’re right.

To top it all off they truly pissed off a brilliant Harvard Law Review President with stratospheric popularity numbers, he is as trusted and popular as the country is distrustful and disgusted with their GOP selves. Whine and yap on TV for months, Republicans, go ahead, Supreme Court justice compromise isn’t necessary, wanted or ever happening.

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