Monday :: May 4, 2009

Impatient With Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

by paradox

A response to my reasoned, measured reaction of wtf! to the Department of Defense’s delay in junking that absurd, offensive policy of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was now was not a good time to pick a fight with the DOD.

Yeah, well, what the in hell is the problem with the DOD? Why in the hell are we eternally in fear of those third rail public servants? Unless anyone has forgotten, in these viciously tough times where we’re all supposed to sacrifice together the DOD got a 5% budget increase.

Regular readers of mine know how I think this is volcanically, dangerously stupid, the DOD budget should have been cut by at least 15% this year and the Iraq war ended a year earlier, goodbye $300 billion we could have spent getting out people back to work, hello fresh coffins at Andrews.

I’d like those timetable rationalizers to mouth those platitudes to a group of mothers who have lost their children in the Iraq war, if only we could just run a few scripts of our own in this world, you know?

Well, I could certainly be wrong about timing in Iraq, about the folly and tragedy of Afghanistan and incorrect about the insane levels of defense spending, yes, but I am not wrong on the stupidity and offensive policy of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell for our service people. It was well understood from the campaign that President Obama would nix it.

There has been a delay, just like the raiding of pot clubs, okay, y’all, the worst thing you can do is ask me to wait but hell, I have. Obama has been in office over three months, there are eight or nine huge problems to fix, that’s fine, there’s been enough time now to negate Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Then I hear over the weekend the White House has gone “back and forth” over the issue and that the Whitehouse website has wobbled as much as they have, blinking back and forth in position, currently stuck repealing DADT.

What the fuck? Please excuse the profanity but I’ve had it—I mean really had it—with the Democratic Party kissing the ass of the Department of Defense on a weekly basis just so they and their cholos in the media can’t say Obama and the Democrats are wussies who are putting are lives in danger by not being bloodthirsty killing imperialists.

Perhaps I shall win the Shrill Award from Andrew Sullivan for that, I forget what he really calls it, but after the lying tortuous adventure of Iraq the description fits, deal with it. Readers of mine also know I consider the ridiculous Afghanistan policy to be nothing more than a prop to, again, counter the charge that Democrats are weaklings.

Would Obama have won the election as a pacifist for Iraq and Afghanistan? Right.

Being a realist in acceptance for all this grand structure of killing machine, feeling ridiculous I have to be a Democrat to go along with all this, being essentially shunned for it at Daily Denial Kos every time I write about sickening Democratic Party enslavement to the Big Tough Guy Department of Defense, I can do this, all right? I’m not going to sit here and calmly take it while a promise to stop persecuting my gay brothers and sisters in the Service is abandoned.

I’m obviously not going to shut up when they go back and forth on it, either. Please stop this offensive waffling on a clear promise and end the offensive bigotry. Why is this so fucking hard or taking so long?

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