Sunday :: May 10, 2009

To Serve the Country

by paradox

It may be stupid, as Atrios writes, to write up the requiem for such implacable institutions as the Republican Party or Journalism, but it’s all the rage these days as these two allegedly key players for Democracy are in complete tatters before us, off-mission and wandering witlessly.

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The trap of all these obituaries is not an egotistical gloating, although that’s real enough, but ignoring real threats to the Republic and our future with all this pathetic dysfunctionality all around. Republicans (when opposing) are supposed to keep Democrats from complacency, guard what national values they deem critical and come up with alternative policy, while Journalism is supposed to convey the truth to the people. In theory.

Huge systemic problems have been obvious to Republicans and Journalism for years, but all they can generate is more obits. Why? Why can’t they change when their very survival is at stake? Truly grasping the answer to that question would be very well for liberals, progressives and Democrats to know, we have no magical human shield to prevent us from being in such dire straits ourselves some day, and of course abiding to preventive principles would keep us out of such a hard spot in the first place.

Human stubbornness and the whizzing pace of change are variables that convey some sympathy, but in my mind the Republicans and Journalists forgot and abandoned a much more critical public policy principle: service for country. Both institutions have become enablers for themselves and their patrons, country be damned, and until they fix that they’ll remain the pathetic corpse-like sorry-assed excuses for human organizations they are.

The American television journalism corps employed defense contractor “analysts” for their Iraq war propaganda, and when they got called on it the print journalist won a Pulitzer. Other Pulitzers were noted on TV, but never that one.

The Republican Party bellowed for 50 years they were the Party of Defense and Security, if those pinko wussy Democrats were in charge we’d be doomed because they make us lose, like in Vietnam. So they got us into a war for lies for no reason, tortured to fabricate the rationale, and then just stood there as the Army and Marine corps were smashed, ripped to shreds and bled dry after years of futile multiple tours.

It’s critical to note journalists and public officials can dismiss these two gross failure examples of hundreds available as “inside baseball,” knowledge that perhaps only 10-15% of the populace precisely knows, and although that may be very true all citizens can look at the macro results—with the accompanying disastrous consequences—and intuitively know they’re being lied to in all the excuses so endlessly blasted out for them, the failure is plain huge there for all to see.

It’s not the media’s fault, it’s not the web advertising revenue, it’s not emerging demographics. Republicans and Journalism don’t fundamentally serve the people, the results are right there, and it can’t be rationalized away forever, the day has now arrived where excuses and bullshit no longer works in any sense, the game is up. Years of coffins arriving at Andrews will do that, even if the Republicans and journalists will forever be in denial about it.

The party is full of blowhards, phonies and gobshites that are in the pocket of big business. Everyone knows it.

That, by the way, is from our good friends at the Wall Street Journal editorial page describing us, Democrats, after writing the obit for the GOP. Is it true?

To some extent, unfortunately yes, but the writer misses a critical point in describing Democrats as just an alternative “not Republican” choice. Democrats do not become felons while in public office, they respect the law and the people (let alone themselves) not to do it. Hello? On a very base level following and obeying the law is serving the country. That extremely basic, stark fact has also been on display for many, many years, Republican lawlessness and media enabling baked in to the American people.

Despite problems and some setbacks it’s obvious President Obama has the best interests of the country at heart and is working hard to fix what the Republicans so disastrously blew up. His popularity rating reflects it, and oh does it get reflected back for the Party of No.

Service to country, always, as a guiding beacon principle to what we attempt and govern with. Abandon that and it’s flat-out guaranteed Democratic Party obits with donkey x-eye imagery will someday soon appear.

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