Monday :: Jun 15, 2009


by Turkana

With tens of thousands of Iranians protesting the "election," Iran's Ultra Mega Powerful Supreme Leader has ordered an investigation. Of course, Iran's Ultra Mega Powerful Supreme Leader was not, himself, up for re-election. Which is something to which a lot of people are not paying attention. Because the Iranian presidency is not considered to be the real power center, in Iran.

The Guardian:

The crisis began on Friday after the government declared that Ahmadinejad had won a landslide victory, a claim his rivals immediately disputed.

Iran's leaders spent the weekend urging people to accept the result but today today Khamenei ordered an investigation into allegations of vote-rigging and fraud.

Iranian state television said Khamenei had told the guardian council, the clerical body that oversees elections, to examine Mousavi's claims of widespread vote-rigging.

The guardian council was reported to have said it would take no more than 10 days to hand down its ruling after complaints from Mousavi and another candidate, Mohsen Reza.

The questions are these:

1) If Khamenei is Iran's Supreme Leader, and the election was rigged, did his people know about it?

2) Some are speculating that this was a "secular coup" against Iran's theocratic leadership. If so, this investigation could get very interesting. On the other hand, since when is theocratic rule considered to be a good thing?

3) If Ahmadinejad remains loyal to Khaemenei, does anyone actually believe an investigation will be any more honest than was the election itself?

4) Who is more excited about the turmoil in Iran: the millions of genuinely progressive Iranians, or the hundreds of genuinely regressive American neocons? A lot of lines are blurring, right now...

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