Tuesday :: Jun 23, 2009

Nothing Standing In Our Way

by paradox

Looking at the challenges ahead for the Obama administration I’m reminded of what Frank Rich wrote on Sunday: the Republicans have nothing with no one but a string of obnoxious hypocritical adulterers to field against the Democrats after Ensign yet again cemented the stereotype last week. If all this were not bad enough for our conservative cousins there’s another glaring Republican weakness in 2009 that has not been exploited nearly enough: Obama has to try and govern after one of the worst presidents of all time, if not the worst.

Barney Tweet Me Baby Frank has been the best at this extremely underutilized tactic, pointing out with decent incredulity that his earnest fiscal discipline colleagues act as if the last eight years were simply a figment of a national imagination, a dream where endless wars and tax cuts that, why, they just never happened, jack, seriously.

The deficit is allegedly out of control because Obama inherited an incredible fiscal mess from Bush, who started wars and cut taxes as if money would forever be borrowed with zero costs. All of his Republican brethren got on their knees instantly in total obeisance to this insanity, passing the bills and acts that wrecked us fiscally.

Not only that, Bush then smashed the economy. What was Obama supposed to do, create another Depression by becoming another Hoover? Is that what our Republican cousins really want? Apparently so, since all of a sudden the deficit and fiscal sanity is at the top of their agenda.

No one really knows what the fount of motivation is for the fetish of bipartisanship of the Obama administration is, but after enough blatant screwing and rejections from the Republicans (Obama was rightly livid none of them voted for the stimulus after he gave them tax cuts from the git-go, and we’ll see how he feels about his so-honorable colleagues after the horrible filth of the Supreme Court nomination is over) even he will finally drop it, no politician will stay with a tactic and people that always delivers serious negative results.

Want to get a public option passed for health care? Tired of putting up with a horrendous military-industrial complex that shoves the even-the-Pentagon-doesn’t-want-it F-22 down our throats? Begin to aggressively point out just who in the hell got us into this mess—Bush, the worst of all time—and the ridiculous charlatans who said he we so great and did whatever he wanted. Republicans.

Make Joe Biden do it, Obama doesn’t even have to get his hands dirty. It’s not hard and will deliver immediate results.

Anything else or body that could stop the Obama administration? The corporate bought media is always the ready answer and, as always, they remain a formidable obstacle, but I see and sense a great waning of their influence. Not only does it come about from a Twitter Facebook world where their stupid stenography gets crowded out, their Mary Cheney mindset will simply doom them to stale irrelevance.

As the good Turkana pointed out, I love my Dad too, ABC, can I get on TV every night? The laughable trotting out of this nobody from one of the most loathed public servants of all time as a credible voice for Americans to listen to will be remembered for a very long time, no people are better at sniffing out cultural has-beens than Americans, trained to watch branding from infancy. When CNN and NBC can only come up with Mary Cheney for a week, well, we don’t have much to worry about from those clowns, they’re on a fade.

Cornered by a very popular President and endlessly lame Republicans American journalists can also be bent to market the truth, of course, Obama gets an hour from ABC for the bully pulpit, just as Bush did. There’s nothing to fear from journalists and they’re often useful.

What then is standing in Obama’s way? Nothing, as we’re all finding out with a lot of extreme discomfort, except the most un-discussed Democratic Party phenomena of all time, the Blue Dog. Worthy of another column all on their own, suffice to say the strange, malleable Blue Dog creatures are not, as far as political players go, difficult to get around or manipulate.

By dropping the bipartisanship fetish and branding Bush as the worst of all time that requires all this extraordinary legislation and money to fix, that is. It’s time for Obama and the Democrats to get a lot more confident, there’s nothing standing in our way, nothing at all, just consistently point who and how we got into this mess.

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