Saturday :: Jun 27, 2009

Dr. James Lovelock

by Mary

Corporate Knights recently hosted Dr. James Lovelock speaking on his latest book, The Vanishing Face of Gaia. Click here for the first segment of that talk.

Dr Lovelock begins by saying the IPCC document is by far the scariest document ever written because it isn't just what we are doing to the earth that is the problem, it is that the earth responds to our actions. And change is coming faster than even our models predicted.


[S]ea level is the one true reliable thermometer for the whole earth.

The green section is what our models predicted for how much sea level would rise. The line above is what is actually being measured.

Earth, we have a problem. And our biggest problem today are those climate change deniers who would watch the world burn for their profits. Clearly we are not doing enough fast enough to address this looming crisis.

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