Wednesday :: Jul 8, 2009

Hoover Lives

by paradox

Simply the historical framework for the statement of dread above should spur any American to instant concern, for years after the Crash little people were crushed with unemployment and other societal ills while Hoover obdurately just stood there and did nothing. Could we really be in a spot again where millions of Americans are desperately hurting, political solutions sit within easy reach, yet an American Executive and government stupidly ignore the howling pain and destruction of human lives from a badly dysfunctional economic and political system?

I come back from my Shiznit jaunt only to find at Hullabaloo the quaint black’n white high school history of many years past slammed right into my high-def present: Arnoldbucks, the atrocious new funny money of California, won’t be honored by banks soon but hell, no worries, the heinous payday loan sharks are up for the job.

Americans no different that you and I went to work every day and didn’t get paid, just lied to and manipulated with these disgusting IOU’s. Safeway doesn’t give a damn, neither does the mortgage bank, but that’s life in the USA, 21st American. Deal.

The new Hoover sure as hell isn’t President Obama, this winter’s stimulus had significant billions for State help but “moderate” Senators like Snowe gutted it. A line had to be drawn somewhere, apparently, there’s always $700 billion annually for the wars and the DOD, don’t you know?

No, our new Herbert is none other than the very familiar Arnold Schwarzenegger, if California had a real progressive Republican in tune with reality and bearing just a little bit of dignity and pride in their brains we’d be out of this mess by now. A real Republican would have faced and accepted reality into the Republican caucus, forcing Prop 13 adjustments and income tax adjustments.

The leftists and the liberals and the socialists, hey, we took a $15 billion cut already in this horror show, don’t look at us like we have accepted reality yet, we’ve already done out part. Just so everyone keeps that in mind.

Hoover—Arnold Schwarzenegger—could give a damn, he cares as much for California as he does the little people we can’t pay with real money. It should always be repeated many times—as much as we can—that California’s problems aren’t that hard to solve, mentally or politically, we just need a Governor who isn’t a sick, cruel flashback to one of the worst episodes of American history.

Since Hoover is among us are we thus in a New Depression, too, the Second Big D? According to Atrios huge new waves of foreclosures are coming, auto and retail have still gone to hell, and unemployment whapped the hell out of too-low stimulus forecasts. The answer is always no way to really know, but, again, the problem is that the question is being asked at all.

We always here about numbers for this and funds for that, right now we think if the total meltdown continues $28 billion would be taken out of the California economy. This singular easy empirical reliance on dollars is a manifestly foolish and dangerous way to view the issue, however, since confidence and comfort—of which we really have no measurement device—will be smashed and go to hell also, and therein lies the real, true Depression risk, confidence and comfort levels.

Faith, some call it. Faith to invest, to believe in a future worth working hard for, confident that given the chance to honestly work will pay off with a decent American life. If California can only print funny money solely “honored” by the filthy loan sharks, well, this is an environment that crushes confidence and truly has the potential for causing a Depression.

The sooner that lunatic behavior stops the better, of course, but Obama tried, and the responsibility to fix California truly lies with its Governor, of course, Herbert Schwarzenegger. I was truly dismayed to learn recently since cigar smoking is forbidden in the Capitol our little movie star Hoovie set up a tent with astroturf and chair outside to do his job, with maturity levels like that Hoover is really here, God.

Impasses like this break when one side or individual gives in, but Hoover never did, and apparently Arnie and the Republicans never will, either. It seems impossible they’d take the insane political and societal risks, but apparently Hoover is their hero, let him live on through Arnie, it crushed us and the country but whatever, bring it on, Hoover lives.

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