Monday :: Jul 13, 2009

Oh Noes, The Republicans Will Be Upset!

by paradox

The logic and consequence to the “analysis” of Scott Shane and the New York Times regarding yet again another blazing felony and monstrously shat upon Democracy (an American VP laughingly ordering the CIA to multiple-facet-felony secrecy for eight years) will incite a blinding fury of frustration for any American with basic political instincts and functioning Democracy ethics set, but duty to country demands the disgustingly odious task must go forward.

Evidence of cover-up to possible American-sponsored Afghanistan warlord massacre in the first Bush term had spurred yet again more calls for those terrible, awful investigations of the past (called prosecution by my other folks, they happen in America, seriously) just a day before the VP Mein Fuhrer news broke, which even Dianne Feinstein called “a big problem.” Republicans quaked at the California outrage, oh yes they did, blogs boiled with the news, and even the New York Times delicately reached a toe in, saying the news inspired a “new push” to put felons in prison.

The Obama administration has seriously pushed back at the absurdly easy task of putting the entire upper echelon of the Bush administration in the slammer for multiple life terms, they’re broken so many laws and treaties, because to do so “diverts attention” from the allegedly terribly difficult legislative goals of economy, healthcare and energy for the first year.

Ezra Klein, Mr. Shane says the classic conventional wisdom holds hear, it’s the first year or bust for all three of these goals (foolish, but there you are). It’s just incredible but that means--in the perverted bubble brains of DC--that we only have six more months to get anything done, but anyway that’s the conventional wisdom and Shane says the Obama people are totally into it too, it’s 2009 or never, don’t do anything to shake that overall paradigm out of place.

Why would prosecuting criminals who had done great harm with hundreds of thousands of dead with nothing but horrible regression to show for it threaten the big three domestic of economy, healthcare and energy? Certainly a special prosecutor and Congress could function at the same time.

Oh no, heaven help us, get out the smelling salts, the reason America absolutely cannot uphold the rule of law, treaties and Christian fucking decency is that prosecution “would undercut the good will he has earned” (apparently by increasing the DOD budget and out-Bushing Bush with Guantanamo peacock strutting) with “political fallout.”

Meaning the Republicans would rant and rave, their feelings so hurt at being considered criminals and rightly petrified of the disastrous consequences to the easy convictions, nothing would make them foam and quake like the idea of a special prosecutor, or the six or seven that would be required, actually. The GOP brand, already smashed and in utter ruins, really would be put away forever with Sarah Palin splitting off a new wing of the Republican Party, it truly could happen.

Yes, our Republican cousins will be very, very upset at the news, so “divisive” in its quest for the truth and justice. So terribly angry, so bloviating on Fox, MSNBC, and CNN, only to be timidly amplified by ABC, CBS and NBC, oh noes, special prosecutors will get the Republicans mad at us with a hurricane hissy fit, we just can’t do it under any circumstances!

Readers should never assume this snark-like reality of great tragedy is offered in some facetious wordplay, Lord don’t I wish. This is really, truly how the political instincts of the Democratic DC brain trust works, still scared of the Republicans getting upset. We saw it vividly just a few weeks ago.

All Obama wanted to do was close down the horror show of Guantanamo and transfer prisoners to US soil, but the Republicans laughingly puffed themselves into ludicrous security mavens by braying this was truly a threat to America. In one of the most disgustingly fearful, backtracking, backstabbing, treacherous political wuss-outs I have ever seen, the Senate abandoned Obama with 98 votes to say oh no, we can’t do it.

This is the only concrete fact offered in the “analysis” of the horribly serious crisis, really, that Republicans will become upset at prosecutions, and if Shane doesn’t starkly state the obvious cowardice present at least it isn’t hidden in the story.

Cowardice indeed, there are zero political risks to putting Cheney and Bush behind bars, it’s what Rove would instantly do were the tables turned, we all know it. The plain fact is that Democrats are still scared of Republicans getting mad at them in the media all day, and even now no prosecutions will happen until that changes.

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