Tuesday :: Jul 14, 2009

Sarah Palin Is In My Internet

by paradox

Folks are indifferent to the potential of Sarah Palin, some think her continued presence could only mean great things for the Democratic Party and liberal cause, while I and the rest of the third camp are scared of her and desperately wish she would disappear from American politics forever.

I do not scare easily, very true, but no matter what kind of amusing dunce she is, careening from one political failure to the next, her absolutely fanatical, obdurately dense Republican following lines up right behind her with a snap-to unthinking loyalty and total obedience I find frightening. Even with all the horror and destruction of Bush still in the present, his clone in Sarah Palin wielding a singular clumsy pen of obtuse oil interests, the Republican base still came completely home in 2008 and racked up a 46% share for McCain-Palin.

With 46% always in the national bag Sarah Palin could never be threat to American politics? I don’t think so, anything could happen in this world, and those of us who live in the land of Arnold Schwarzenegger know it, it’s scary what a fanatical base and the right circumstances can sometimes produce. Far better Sarah Palin just fades away and the chance of it happening staying irrevocably at zero.

I was idly lapping through my rounds of punditry this morning, doubting the Washington Post could produce anything worth perusal, and by God’n golly gee who is there in a pundit slot off the front page? Sarah Palin!

How fitting American Journalism would be the next rung of her career ladder, she’s always movin’ up. There is no shortage of threats to our economy. She can’t even write a lead sentence but here she is, on a downshift to a terrible future for America or a fervently hoped-for personal fade, who knows, as always it would be better if she never existed in any form at all in our political environment.

Sarah Palin is a human being, all right, but she’s so arrogantly obtuse it’s impossible to feel sorry for her, which I certainly would for 99.9% of the planet burdened with the emptiness of her head. Look at this, the national media would rather focus on the personality-driven political gossip, but Sarah is simply oblivious that by becoming a quitter to a real job and showing up in the Post with hack English she has, of course, become a shining lead member of the “chattering class” she then takes a steaming dump upon. Empathy and compassion are impossible in such circumstances, Jesus, she’s always like this.

The rest of the piece is just a clumsy shill for the oil companies and how bad bad bad Obama is for cap and trade, which Sarah doesn’t understand and doesn’t want to; the reality of completely obviating carbon emissions doesn’t even occur to her, let alone the horrible idea of using less. Palin has no education (a desperate hash-up from four schools) and no idea what she’s talking about, I saw her laughable coal carbon atom “fungible” ability quotes of the campaign, if it doesn’t directly put revenue into oil company accounts she can be counted on to be absolutely useless and very dangerous.

Oh yes, dangerous in many ways, she may indeed have written herself off by her amazing resignation and is circling the drain at the Washington Post, fine, I still just never want to see her or read her again, as futile as that desire may be. No matter what she does if she somehow got in the national ticket she’d get at least 46% of the vote again.

It simply scares me. How do we get stuck with such a system that produces dunce parades like Bush and Palin, and how is it their manifest danger means nothing to Republicans, who will always vote for her no matter what? Books could be written on the sociology of that question, I really don’t know, I only know it happens. The country is undergoing enormous stress and change at the moment, many facets of which could be exploited for 2012 or 2016 Republican Palin victory.

There she is, Sarah Palin, hanging around the Washington Post, waiting for any tiny chance. Far, far better for America’s future she be there not at all.

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