Saturday :: Sep 12, 2009

They Own The Place

by paradox

The above notorious title of course refers to the felonious banking industry, uttered by Senator Dick Durbin in April 2009 as he futilely tried to pass bankruptcy reform in a hopelessly bought and grossly dysfunctional United States Senate, which naturally barfed a bill that only covered banker’s assess even in a crisis bankers themselves were responsible for. As we hopelessly lurch forward in this disaster of a political year it’s become screamingly obvious that the above infamous quote not only works for the banking industry visa vie Congress, but for any wealthy industry in this political wreck of a country. Mining, pharmaceuticals, energy, defense, you name it and the quote always works: they own the place.

The technical political answer for how this insanity came about is the old trusty footnote in Santa Clara County vs. Southern Pacific Railroad, but as our offensively retarded Supreme Court gears up to reiterate how multinational corporations are just like you and me (are so) and gives them even more power—if that were somehow possible—these vapid elitist rationalizations of failure mean nothing to the little people of America often desperately literally trying to survive in this cruel and dumb place. For the average American citizen 2009 is just another year where life got harder in a country where—surprise surprise—corporations are just like regular folks (god damn it, they are so) and golly gee, they ended up owning the place.

The Democrats and Obama were the alleged warriors of deliverance for change from this living corporate hell of gasoline exhaust and unemployment, but the verdict is now in: as far as the little people are concerned President Obama and the Democratic Party are duds. Your laptop is still fair game at the airport (bitch too much and you’ll be preventively detained, political descendant of Franklin), need a job and you’ll get a tax cut, the Finance industry is looting the Treasury by a secretive, furtive Federal Reserve, and this awful endless torture of trying to pass a weak failure of a healthcare bill is evolving into another industry giveaway, this time health insurance.

How does the lowly little paradox of The Left Coaster have such powers of proclamation, how can he know with such utter certainly to state such dangerous truths to Party unity and loyalty? I give you the Obama White House of yesterday, September 11 2009, which for whatever stupid reasons they have in their so politically obtuse heads decided to genuflect to the horrible Joe Wilson and the racist Republican Party by strengthening its stand against illegal immigrant health care.

Defensive White House officials anonymously said the conflicting moral and ethical messages of denying care to sick human beings in an effort to care for other human beings would be adequately addressed by blowing up more Afghan human beings gathered around weddings and fuel trucks.

That’s it. We have another dud lapel pin President, he’s not learning from the extremely dangerous and destructive regressive tactics of the Republican Party, he still insists on actively feeding and enabling them. Even as the base screams at him and his numbers plummet, even as the wars go on and lousy policy is inflicted upon our people Obama steadfastly bows to every Republican demand, no matter how stupid, offensive or destructive. He simply refuses to learn that he’s always been wrong, he won’t be a transformative politician (oh god), he’ll be a partisan success or a loathed failure.

I have no idea how to stop it. For the life of me I cannot fathom why Obama always finds it necessary to buy into Republican policy with cold beer when goons yell at him, it’s got me so discouraged and politically depressed no combination of medication and therapy could ever get me out of it.

I hope it’s obvious that’s why I’ve been so quiet. I’m heartbroken for the little people and have not one iota of hope or solution on how to get us out of this. Even after everything that’s happened Republicans still yell and our best people like Van Jones are vanquished, Republicans stamp their feet so illegal immigrants are abused even more, and corporations so obviously own the place. Way beyond awful, always endless.

I have no idea what to do. Third party? I see no success there. Primary half the Party? Right. Remain mute for the rest of your days in vastly hurt anger?

Beats me. For now I will remain mostly quiet, I am sure, bewildered that such obvious political truths and solutions are deliberately trashed by the Democratic Party. We have really, really lost our way, and we may never make it back.

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