Monday :: Nov 30, 2009

Bill Sizemore Indicted for Tax Evasion

by Mary

Bill Sizemore, Oregon's top anti-Union, anti-tax activist, was indicted today for income tax evasion one week after filing to run for governor.

Evidence used for the indictment was uncovered during earlier civil lawsuit proceedings involving entities controlled by Bill Sizemore. He was accused of using a sham charity to camouflage political contributions to his various ballot measure campaigns.

Last year, Bill Sizemore was jailed for contempt of court behind a related issue. At the time, the Judge wrote that he not only showed a contempt for the court, but for the rule of law.

Wilson devoted much of her 42-page ruling to a description of a dizzying array of organizations that she said Sizemore used to conceal the source of his funding. She cited $569,000 that went to Sizemore or his wife, Cindy, and said that did not include more than $13,700 in ATRF-paid personal expenditures at Fred Meyer and other grocery stores, restaurants and convenience stores and gas stations.

"The inescapable conclusion is that ATRF was a sham charitable organization set up to pass money provided by Loren Parks and Dick Wendt to compensate Mr. Sizemore for his work on initiative measures," Wilson said.

Wilson ordered Sizemore jailed until the 2006 and 2007 federal and state tax forms for charitable organizations are filed.

Hartman said that the filing of false forms is a potential criminal violation and that filing accurate forms could expose Sizemore to a potential tax liability for the money he received from ATRF.

Sizemore wants to run for governor, but refuses to say where his money comes from. Evidently when one is a anti-tax activist, all funds given to the cause are fair game for personal use. I especially like the touch of getting personal expenditures covered. Classy, that.

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