Friday :: Dec 4, 2009

Long, Long Week for Liberals

by paradox

During this week from liberal hell I’ve often wondered if the Party wants us to leave, if there must be some strategy to get rid of the hippies so Democrats can lock in electoral wins permanently somehow. The ultimate motives for all this liberal knifing are unknown, of course, surely the Obama administration will need votes in 2010 & 2012, but permanently alienating liberal voters with offensive policies and inaction seems a strange way to go about it.

President Obama’s Afghanistan call to arms was a flop, a confusing please-everyone mess of commitment that we’ll escalate so we can then withdraw—maybe. Complete horror rippled through the liberal ranks as Obama chanted the terrorism and 9/11 cants which were eerily and dead-on George Bushian, as if he had never left. Yet even with the troops and fortunes lost and horrible deaths everywhere Afghanistan still, somehow, is not a real war, Christmas is here so once again a tiny sliver of our people will shoulder almost all the burdens while the other 240 million Americans look on, mute and removed, the tragedy unceasing.

Appointing a Republican to head the Federal Reserve isn’t the change I voted for, just to put it out there. Sure enough the creep went right after Medicare and social security in testimony yesterday, that’s where the money is. Oh yeah, there’s no money in the wars or Department of Defense or tax cuts or ag subsidies. It really is the most amazing thing about Republicans, they’ll lie and bloviate and bluster but underneath it all, immutably, is a ironclad belief that everyone but they must be banana slug stupid, they spout this crap and happily look on, completely sure it will all magically sink in just because their delusional lips flapped it.

Oh God, that jobs summit. I’m reminded of a great professor, Ron Silva at SJSU, and his sneering disdain for ascending to the mountaintop, to climb to the summit and pass the pipe, wisdom and jobs again just materializing out of some fantasy. What does it mean, how do you feel? Ron would mutter, disgusted at useless yap when obviously easy solutions where childishly within reach.

The federal government could hire little people directly with great jobs programs that would do so much precious good but fuck you, American, we don’t have the money. Look, the President said so time and again, we just don’t have the funds. I know we have the money for 2 wars, tax cuts, $40 billion to rebuild Iraq and financing Wall Street, but the President, amazingly, has adopted that Republican trick from his hero Bernanke at the Fed, he thinks we’re stone cold stupid, dumb as dittoheads. A sad, sad day for the Democratic Party at the White House yesterday, a legacy of 20th century labor championing just left to whither and rot.

Maybe the President isn’t trying to get rid of liberals, maybe he’s just positive that after what the Republicans pulled and continue to display as political skills he’ll never, ever have to worry about losing to one of those cretins. The latest episode of political Republican suicide was the appalling rape vote by 30 Senate Republicans, who then had the incredible arrogance and outrageous temerity to threaten Al Franken for reminding everyone what gross offensive pigs they are, unfit for maggot consumption, seriously.

It may give the President a lot of confidence, great, but it’s awful for the rest of us and a true loss for the country, I remember when Republicans where adult men who knew good public service.

Howard Dean proclaimed HCR worthless without a public option, while the netroots troops finally started to wilt under the Senate onslaught to chuck it. Watching the sad spectacle from afar one wonders how long before the liberals finally cave again, we always have to take the punch or the knife, as Digby said yesterday if the liberals got the public option that would mean they have power and influence in the Village. Heaven forbid! Maybe by February the HCR ordeal will finally be over, the endless humiliation of the weak compromise finally gone, for fools who enter negotiation already giving up deserve to lose it all.

Today is Friday, it’s 0800 Eastern. Nine hours left for one more chance to really get rid of us, surely nothing more could happen in this disaster of five days but policy train wrecks are usually not withheld to four days, Lord knows what indignity and outrage is waiting for us very soon.

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