Friday :: Jan 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

by Steve

To all Leftcoasters, please accept my heartfelt best wishes for a better 2010 than 2009. Despite my complaints with the current administration, I would rather be bitching about a naive and wimpish Democratic administration than a criminally negligent GOP administration. Let us say good bye to the George W. Bush decade.

I am glad that 2009 is over, as the first year after my father's passing was very tough for me and my family. I was lucky to be able to change jobs for the better, but I am the exception rather than the rule. Millions have been hurt economically over the last two years, and not enough people inside the Beltway or the media care. Nonetheless, family and friends matter, as does health.

My best to all of you, and your families, and may we all have a better 2010.

P. S. - If any of you know an agent for manuscripts or screen plays of a political nature, please email me off-line, as I will have some product to move their way in the first half of 2010.

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