Friday :: Jan 8, 2010

Constitution & Rule of Law: Oh Well

by paradox

George Bush was often referred to as the “opportunity lost” President, for after the trauma and unity of 9/11 the pipsqueak worst of all time, classically, hailed the nation in a mighty effort of shopping at Macy’s and Target to allay the tragedy.

Reading Glenzilla over the last year one cannot but come to the same conclusion about the Obama Presidency, a complete and precious lost opportunity of great magnitude. Even with zero formal investigations we know Bush earned his worst of all time label very much by flouting the rule of law whenever he could and making a total mockery of the constitution. Obama’s response: cool with us, no worries. That golden opportunity to show the country and the world the rule of the law is still a viable element of American Democracy? Oh well.

One of the cheapest, easiest grenades to toss at the Obamamatons is to refer to their man as “just like Bush.” That is not at all what I’m doing here, Barack Obama is light years ahead of that Sarah Palin clone, no need to hop and froth. The plain stark truth, though, is that when it comes to the rule of law and constitutionality Obama is just like Bush, he let a once-in-a-century opportunity to rally the country around founding principles slip through his fingers.

I’m sorry your man often gets that amazing label, just like Bush. More than you could ever know, believe me. For the sake of charity and calm nerves let’s just assume the label never, ever has a grain of truth. Fine, it’s not a hard hurdle to get over, not hardly. Barrack Obama still has a lot of problems and is impressing very few across the entire political spectrum, for everyone’s sake please accept it, God, it’s blazingly obvious.

Not only did Obama fail to rally the country around the rule of law, it appears our constitutional law professor President needs to go back to class. Enemy combatants and these amazing dual tier military commission trials smack of a politician who has as much knowledge and respect for the rule of as, well, George Bush. Charge those persons as criminals in real courts of law that we all use or do nothing at all.

Well, learn to ignore that foul cretin Dick Cheney when he comes hissing out of the woodwork about how weak you are when you make that decision, that will be necessary, yes. It would have been just as easy to put him in prison to shut him up, whatever, just never let that foul criminal have one iota of influence in our public sphere ever again.

[Yesterday’s work left out attribution to Hullabaloo for the Washington Times link. Sorry about that, Digby.]

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