Tuesday :: Jan 26, 2010

Petty, Mean & Small

by paradox

Sorry to be late today, but my stomach raised some hell in the night and only now am I my cheery self. The impeccable Turkana dropped in anyway with perfect timing, as usual, and for once I am not pinned flat-out to the bathroom tile from stomach trouble, things may finally be improving there, no worries.

I wish I could be as sanguine about the future of a liberal Democratic Party after the latest uproar, the latest oh-y’all-calm-the-fuck-down-again clucking, the inevitable shouldering of the best possible take on a cheap semi-desperate gimmick “spending freeze” that really isn’t a freeze, it just accepts Republican framing while torpedoing any chance at a real jobs bill. That’s all, hippie, deal, and please remember to do it quietly, half the reason it was done was for the uproar itself, the DC folks think it’s good politics to punch hippies and hear the crying. Really.

All I wanted as a jobs bill, a plain ol’ liberal Democratic shot of Keynesian goodliness for the little people. Given that the Republic desperately needs the wars to immediately stop and the rule of law to return it was a rather selfish Party-centric path to attempt, but at least Americans would be working. Adios, jobs bill, goodbye to all the chance at dignified fun politics, too, we could have had so much fun building a real country for the 21st century.

Commiserating briefly with hotshot Phoenix Woman at Daily Kos an hour ago we both woefully agreed what a downer the latest cheap Obama shot is. Petty, mean and small, we were supposed to be so much better than this, so much more savvy as our people scaled mighty walls of legislation and righteousness to deliver an America we could all—all of us—believe and live in.

All of it gone, merely the same trudge forward now with no jobs bill, unemployment over 10%, ho-hum, most of our people silent, hoping quietly for the best in real human dignity, not the cheap sold hope™ of a con job of days long gone by, best forgotten in any attempt to keep the faith.

Oh yes, here we will remain, us terrifying liberal hippies, as Digby told us recently one never, ever knows when progress will happen, we all know how it springs forth from the unlikeliest places and scenarios. Even in the midst of maelstrom and betrayal, progress is a potential always to be patiently waited for, pounced on when finally arrived.

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