Friday :: Jan 29, 2010

Cheers, Mr. President

by Steve

AP photo

Mr. President, I owe you an apology.

For a good many months, I have expressed my disappointment in you, your gross naiveté, and your lack of political guts.

Today, you stepped into a room with 140 dirt bags whose sole focus has been your political demise, and you took them on. You let them take the first shot, you let them look weak and foolish with their 140:1 ratio, and you still beat them, making them look small and ignorant in the process, despite sophomoric coverage from the media. Your staff insisted the event be televised live, to drive the point home that the House GOP needed 140 lightweights to take you on, and you used those optics to take the fight right back at them.

We need much more of this, because as your staff intended, you have now left them no room to do anything. They cannot afford to work with you, over fear of agitating their extremist base. And if they don’t work with you, they cannot appeal to independents and make gains this fall.

You sir, have my respect. And if you are looking for allies, remember that even your critics love a fighter.

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