Monday :: Feb 1, 2010

Nice to Meet You, Barack

by paradox

As a nominal political scientist and merely a daily onlooker to the American political scene I still immediately knew in 2007 and 08—just as all the doctorates and six-figure consultants did—that Barack Obama’s call for a new way of politics above the quarrelling Democrats and Republicans was and is unequivocally a total crock of shit. The United States has a rigid two party environment, as the Republicans have made crystal clear it forces one to choose sides, they’ll never elevate Obama to a bipartisan place, never.

But…it’s so easy to be wrong in this world, there was only the Obama option in the election, obviously, maybe a little empirical experience and quick maturity would force some reality into Obama’s worldview and things would work out with some classic political finessing. This, by the way, is precisely the same god damn pipe dream I held for Afghanistan and the theoretical maturation of Barack Obama, neither of which has happened in either environment, much to my profound dismay.

I have been forced into silence from illness the last six days, so it has not been possible to convey my profound shock at the amount of rank stupid spilling out of the Obama Administration in just 244 hours, that spending freeze with the seething outrageous fuck me in the ass are you serious a total exemption for Defense? was just the start.

Put healthcare on the backburner, the signature element from the nightmare process of the first year? I thought only Sarah Palin quit. Time for America to tighten its belts?

As Krugman noted this lofty level of what-the-fuckedness is so much in the stratosphere from the minds of such obviously bright Harvard Law brains that this has to be a game, of course Obama, Rahm and Axelrod know how inane, unintelligent and insulting these moves are to liberal political perspectives.

Part of the game, absolutely, is that the troika of massive political intelligence above is counting on you, paradox--every little bit helps--to bring up the ranting venting rearguard of the little people left in righteous loud bitching, you’re being manipulated in some equation the Brilliant Ones aren’t telling you about.

So many of have tried so very hard to get the Democracy and the Republic in a functional, fair state in the last ten years, my tiny puny efforts are nothing compared to millions of stories of work and sacrifice in the 2008 campaign alone. Yet somehow the New Way Brains looked at us as not one of them, of not belonging to a very simple promise that to be a Democrat was to be on the side of the little people. The feisty liberals got shut off and put on a shelf, trotted out in handy messaging times as hippies to punch, leftists to be manipulated. That little fact of 2010 is going to take a long time to truly sink in, I think.

Deficit peacock, Afghanistan warmonger, civil liberties disaster, health care quitter, manipulator to our own people, it’s nice to meet you, Mr. President. Very thankfully none of the preceding verdicts are set in stone, only the first year is over, there is still a long way to go in just the first term. As noted, however, it’s very good to know the Prince of Bipartisanship was of course total bullshit, you’re not a principled politician sticking to holy principles no matter what, you’re a political manipulator, riding the swirling American political waves in the life ring of your first term, confidant savvy verbal skills and a pathetic chump opposition will deliver 2012.

Like most of the politicians Americans deal with. Nothing personal, of course not, sir, it’s just very good to finally get honestly squared away what political paradigm y’all swim in.

Now folks who should be my friends will slot me as an irrational harmful Obama-hater, which couldn’t be further from the truth. My concern, as always, is for the little people of America, the poor and the middle class, if President Obama was ramming a $200 billion jobs bill through Congress this week I’d be singing his almighty praises for a generation, god damn right.

Plus the concerns of bedrock constitutional principles underpinning the constitution, of course, democracy elements like the bill of rights and rule of law have a lot more to do with delivering freedom than dropping bombs.

Well, adherence to political principle is something America is going wait for, put on a backburner just like health care reform. It’s not a personal conclusion, “tightening belts,” ludicrous spending freezes exempting the DOD and giving up on healthcare are devastating facts that plainly speak for themselves.

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