Thursday :: Feb 4, 2010

For the Little People

by paradox

Semi-wearily looking over the archive for January I was not surprised to see how angry much of the work has been, I just thought I’d get it out of my system in 30 days, that’s all. It’s really not me, one could easily imagine a person wielding a rat-a-tat machine gun fury of text at the idiots who propose to run this country every morning as a furious, combative person, it’s just hilarious, as I putter around my days I am not that kind of human at all. Well, a lot has gone horribly wrong, it’s one of the reasons I started showing up every day, fairly soon the fury should wind out of my system and I can write more like myself.

It’s never a good idea, as Yglesias says, to get personal in your writing, but hell, something has to be said about why I toil here every day, I think that’s a fair expectation of the reader, and I should be able to accomplish the evolution without making a complete hash of it.

I’m around the house, you know. Employment and health circumstances have stranded me here for a year now, but hell I hardly mind, half the time I think I was born for it. I shop, cook, and clean like a sumbitch, seriously, I wash windows and cars, paint and grow huge rose gardens. It’s quiet here, a very good place to get something good to eat, nobody tells me what to do, it’s not bad at all. Plus of course my computers are here, I love my little house.

He’s gay, came the relentless question at Netroots Nation 2008, a old phenomenon from my past I was surprised to encounter again, it had been a while since a fresh group of people had got to know me. I’m suddenly reminded of the great Melissa McEwan, diva of Shakesville, and her observation that her male feminist allies very often come from homes or families where something went very wrong. The boys experiencing it —whatever it was-- growing up sympathized with their moms and are naturally inclined toward the female perspective of life.

It’s one way to look at it, I don’t agree with McEwan that I can be a feminist by being male, it can’t be done. Sorry, I can be an ally, learning and helping when I can, but I just don’t think men can be feminists. I’ve got my stuff, anyway, I’d be a lousy feminist, it wouldn’t work.

At any rate sooner or later my humble little abode will not be where I belong, I’ll be working again, the 0700 posts or earlier a total necessity to get my ass to a job. I’m looking forward to that, too, and the great MsSpentYouth of Daily Kos, who encouraged me last year to really try to do what made me happy. What a concept, you know?

So my career is now centered on writing and editing with a technical skill set as a bonus, we’ll see how it goes. It also means I write 5 political essays and 1 California-centric essay a week. Croissants and samurai swords are the same, right, you take the material and precisely fold it to get the desired material effect. Writing every day is like one of those material folds, pound it or bake it off, whatever floats your boat, just keep folding the work in to see what happens.

I wish I could say this has led to tulips, happiness and dancing acid trips, but alas we all know this is of course not the goddamn case at all, the political news has just been too flat-out terrible for anything else. Jesus, getting rid of Bush meant things were supposed to get better! Instead we get this ridiculous and highly offensive DOD exemption in a stupid “freeze” of spending by a President who precisely mimics the Cheney Administration in civil rights.

It’s the same old here is my big aggressive dick of American politics, usually purveyed by men like George Bush and Dick Deferment Cheney, men with no dick at all. The Democratic party has fallen such a long way when we think this is good politics, mindless crushing militarism will never, ever be our path.

I have a degree in political science and obviously am a small American person, so that’s what I write for, something I know about for people I know about and care for. Writing makes me happy, it’s a major part of my career, and Lord knows we little people need our voices heard in America. I’ll see y’all tomorrow.

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