Thursday :: Feb 11, 2010

Be Glad the Electricity Network Runs, Google

by paradox

Google, a company I have decidedly mixed feelings about, announced yesterday they were building and delivering a super-broadband one-gigabit-per-second network to a small number of cities, as yet unannounced. Google will never be seriously in the ISP service, everyone states it right up front, but the vast potential for a real data network still compels Google in an attempt to shame AT & T and Comcast into building out their lame, fumbling networks.

Good luck with that, if there’s anything successful American capitalism has proved it’s that possessing conscience and shame is never necessary for success. Although I’m glad Google feels the compulsion to egg on the ISP market I hope they’re keeping a very sharp eye on the electricity generation market itself that makes it all possible, it was only nine years ago the great machine of American capitalism completely broke down, we couldn’t even power our cities and homes here in California, let alone networks.

Gray Davis, one of the most terrible politicians I have ever lived under, couldn’t even think of investigation and prosecution of what happened when Enron came to call in California, and of course that blockhead Governor Bicep we’ve had since wouldn’t dare dream of it, so amazingly the real detailed story of what happened when the lights went out in California is still hidden, I doubt we’ll ever really know what happened. Prosecution and prison terms for those responsible, anyone at all, still remains a fantasy.

Reviewing the felonious episode doesn’t inspire confidence in the American capitalism model for broadband network and telecommunication delivery, under heavy criticism for years for so-so service and technical capability. This is not my area of study, but numerous credible reports from European and Asian telecommunication markets demonstrates just how lagging the American environment is.

The quotes from the cable company in the San Francisco Chronicle story about how great they’ve been struck me as laughable. Comcast was the television and internet provider for my house for 30 months, what a freaking nightmare. The equipment was balky, the remote a joke. I continually lost my internet connection and could not recover it with manual reboots on the equipment.

AT &T service has been blessedly much better since that nightmare is over, the remote is excellent along with consistent internet service, but it isn’t cheap and, as Google is about to show, nothing to be strutting around about.

I use Credo for my cell service, those commie pinko providers, but I had trouble even with them. A secondary account had numerous false internet buys and connections, no amount of swearing up and down downloads at 0300 never happened convinced them otherwise, so I lost $600 in equipment and contract bailing on the ripoff bastards to move that account to, you guessed it, AT & T. Credo was billing me eighty dollars a month in crap charges on that secondary account, what could I do?

Given my experience with substandard American telecommunications and power generation I hold I out very little hope for Google in improving the American market, even though I’m glad and grateful they’re at least trying. The telecommunication companies of AT & T and Comcast in the United States of America we all know and live in don’t care about the welfare of the little people, the planet or the country, all they care about is delivering money to their shareholders and executive leadership. Nothing else.

Good luck and go get ‘em Google anyway. Be prepared to be patient, there is a long, long way to go.

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