Wednesday :: Feb 17, 2010

Washington Post Does Not Speak for Americans

by paradox

Nothing sets my teeth more instantly on grating edge more than some schmuck Washington Post journalist making blanket proclamations about how little people Americans feel about various political issues. The Washington Post is a shit-for-brains propaganda slop wreck of violent, sneering editorials and incredibly bad pundits, so bad bloggers giggle as they re-arrange a widely distributed list of their worst writers of all time. The last place anyone should look for definitive wisdom about Americans is from this journalism sewer, and the crap inflicted on us all so typically from Steve Pearlstein today is not going unanswered by a real little people American, hell no.

Pearlstein’s thesis is that the American people are fickle immature brats, innately embracing confusing policy stances that can only be obviated by Presidential leadership that ignores immediate public whim for long-term public investment, thus actually solving problems and making this imaginary President the new Lincoln.

Well thanks a lot for the brilliant idea of the ages, Einstein, man the little folks have never heard that one before, Jesus. It’s a decent thesis, okay, old as man itself, that doesn’t make it any less relevant, but the contradictions coupled with classic elitist arrogance wrapped around it make me want to puke.

Pearlstein first pulls a ridiculous little trick about another raging political debate hundreds of years old: are the little people smart or not? It’s amazing the massive, tectonic shifts of thinking and governance toward little people with the answer of that question in yea or nay form, abuse and cruelty always the result to a people governed by “leaders” who are sure they are mere malleable clods.

Pearlstein, classic elitist Washington Post journalism schmuck that he is, plays both sides of the fence to this crucial issue and then just leaves it hanging there with no position taken.

I can genuflect with the best of them before "the basic decency and wisdom of the American people," but then proceeds to list how confused and contradictory we allegedly are. Journalist, cite your sources for the following extremely questionable statements, otherwise little folks will think you pulled these “facts” outta your ass, the obvious conclusion left to everyone after reading them, of course.

They want Wall Street to be reined in, but they're dead set against more regulation. Who says that? After the savings and loan crisis and the Enron ripoff here in California we like and welcome regulation of rapacious felons very much.

They want the government to do something to create jobs, but not if it involves spending more money. How correct you are, the little people are more than smart enough to immediately know all we have to do is transfer $100 billion annually from the Department of Defense death machine to little people spending and presto!, more jobs are created without more spending. Thanks for adding clarity and promoting obvious solutions, asshole American journalist.

They want the federal deficit brought under control, but not if it means cutting entitlement spending or raising taxes. Again, where does this amazing statement come from? We love how the Pentagon is so conveniently left out of this terribly confining bullshit, journalist. Raising taxes? On whom? On offshore profiteering or those making more than $500,000 annually? This propaganda reeks of classic DC bubble Republican manipulation, there are easy solutions to bringing the deficit under control that aren’t too painful, but this corporatist ass-kisser won’t list them, like cutting the DOD budget in half.

They want to do something about global warming, but not if it raises energy prices. Journalist, global warming and constant wars in the middle east are prices for energy. Jesus, what market economics do they teach in J school? The little people want affordable clean carbon-free electricity, setting up that solar/wind/nuclear scenario is obvious, but again offends powerful corporate interests, so this DC journalist leaves it out.

We think we know how Americans feel about issues from scientific polling, journalist, not by ringing phones or email blasts. Cite your sources on polling, otherwise the little people assume you’re lying. They’re right.

Then this schmuck gets into his line about being a partisan fighter for the greater good will create a great President. Really? Are you sure? Wow, we’ve never heard of that before at The Left Coaster, have we?

Thanks for all the insulting condescension, Washington Post journalist, the little people are so grateful for all the help.

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