Thursday :: Feb 18, 2010

Repealing DADT: Something Fundamentally Wrong Here

by paradox

For whatever lame reason I’m positive I would not agree with the White House decided breaking the campaign promise of repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell last year was good politics, don’t scare the DC status quo with too much change, punch a hippie, trade it away in secret, whatever it was, well, it happened. But then last month various biggest of big time four-stars testified before Congress banning gays in the military was no longer helpful policy, so I figured great, the Obama Administration changed their minds and the campaign promise would cash in directly.

But…apparently, still, the issue has stalled in Congress, as dead as it ever was in those bought halls. It cannot be, but it is, everything is in place for this childishly easy political hurdle to be skipped over yet our representative political actors wander around like confused bovines over the issue, un-herded, useless, sometimes lowing the correct-sounding noises about the issue but never delivering the goods with granite stupid stubbornness.

But…this is not politically rational in any sense, there is no harm electorally in repealing DADT. The President promised to do it, the public doesn’t care, the military doesn’t care, hell, in these times of economic disaster and global warming who could possibly object to Americans living the Bill of Rights?

Okay, bigots still abound, but the Pentagon brass was rolled out last month, to hell with them. Liberals are routinely ignored over far more grave national matters than this, somebody’s always going to be unhappy, no one can please everyone, we’ve never made politics a 100% payoff game, if the bigots have to lose on this with all their nauseating accompanying whining, well, so what? Put up with it, everybody expects it and in two weeks no one will ever hear about the issue again, no one gives a shit.

But…still, nothing moves. A Senator could attach an amendment to the horrid defense authorization bill this year—Jesus forgive us for pissing away a vast fortune with so many millions of our little people hurting so badly, way to fucking go—but none has or will. The President could pen an Executive Order, despite what Mr. Constitution says leadership has been shown to get results, but he won’t. Nancy Pelosi and the People’s House are completely nonexistent on the issue.

A classically sad liberal phrase for our times is that it’s not even good kabuki, meaning our people can’t even act out their phoniness well in refusing to deliver on their causes and promises, but that doesn’t work here at all. Kabuki has an underlying rationality, the act is put on to appease enormously powerful and vindictive political actors (finance industry), but repealing DADT has no badass political gorilla hanging around waiting to pound the wayward politician into line, there’s no one to put the act on for.

There’s a thesis gay leadership keeps whispering into the Executive ear not to worry about repealing DADT, we’re still here for you. It makes zero sense, the entire mission of groups like Human Rights Campaign is to deliver for their people, why would failure on one of their core issues be acceptable?

Remember, the President campaigned on it and his Party allegedly backs him and believes in the righteousness right along with him. The four stars were brought out. Blogs flare and swarm with the easily observable truth that Democratic Party leadership is for total shit and cannot deliver. Readers nod, poll numbers go down, blogs swarm again, confusion grows, and nothing changes.

But…change was the fucking mantra, the cause célèbre, the entire core principle—right there with Hope™—of the 2008 campaign. It cannot be that the rancid, hateful, bigoted shit of the past is acceptable, everything is in place for this to immediately change. Yet it doesn’t.

Politics, fairly generally, isn’t a difficult brainy process, I’ve been soaking in it all my life, got an education centered around it and have been watching extremely closely for ten years now but for once I am completely flummoxed, it must be we’re missing something here, if it can’t compute you’re just not seeing something.

But…I’m not. Nor is anyone else in blogtopia. Something is fundamentally, very politically wrong here with the failure of repealing DADT in 2010. I’m watching with laser focus to find out what it is.

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