Monday :: Mar 1, 2010

The End of the World as We Know It

by paradox

Everyone dies!, Ezra the Badass Herald of Doom Klein boomed from the Washington Post last month on the prospect of healthcare legislation dying in Congress, while Steve The Machine Benen of the Washington Monthly described the prospective inability of Democrats to pass healthcare as “an act of political suicide.”

Since The Obama Plan for passing healthcare—if it can be done—is to be released sometime this week no doubt my erstwhile brothers at Balloon Juice will be exhorting me to call my reps in an earnest plea to pass healthcare so no else has to needlessly perish. I’m genuinely attached and loyal, dudes, but really, if everyone will die or it’s total suicide if healthcare doesn’t pass I just don’t think I have the talents to rescue that kind of political situation.

I have to run an errand, go grocery shopping, do the dishes, clean the stove, goof off after lunch, and then clean the bathroom before cooking dinner. That I can certainly do, but it never occurred to me nor can I perform a suicide prevention today. Keep reminding all your readers all you wish, certainly, by all means, I just won’t do it. Sorry.

It did get me to thinking along those certain lines of alleged catastrophe for our political party, though, all this talk of impending death. I mean, what would happen if it really came to pass? All that we know and are familiar with politically, just gone with the winds, the Republicans in charge with no Democratic party to come back with, the end of the world politically as we know it.

I know this will just devastate Party loyalists like Klein and Benen, but, well--I’m genuinely sorry to pass this along--millions upon millions of American liberals would be thrilled to see that happen, at least one of two dysfunctional parties going down in utter flames, that way there’s at least a chance a new real liberal party could emerge. Coffee, anyone?

I personally do not eschew that path in the least, believe you me the habit of self-destruction is something never to be encouraged, there is no guarantee in the least one can come back in any fashion at all. Most would say it’s almost always impossible.

Even if healthcare passes I swear I will never understand the ridiculously glacial pace of the nightmare, the Obama people stated publicly they knew almost all Executive accomplishment happens in the first year of a President’s term, yet they just strolled and waltzed along as if they had 20 years to get it done. I hate that kind of thinking, it’s a total setup to get nothing done for three years, but if you can’t lead Congress and then lose it to the Republicans mid-terms, well, bye-bye first term.

Congress, especially our odious, slimy Senate, is already election-year skittish on March 1st, yet still on the Total Urgent List is financial reform, a real jobs bill, student aid reform, LGBT equality issues, climate change/energy reform, aid to the states and peace. Just for starters, much more needs to be done, yet healthcare has yet to be finished.

By the way, one biggie on the list is to finally decide as a Party how many blue dogs get primaried, who is on the Big Shit List and how they’re going to get taken out. Blue dogs have absolutely blown us to hell this term, we all know it, and the further we put this off as a Party the more results like our current disaster we can expect. Jane Harman is our resident barker from our local neck of the woods, but I’ll never be motivated to seriously move against her unless Speaker Pelosi leads the fight. I have much better things to do than waste my time.

Still, good luck and all the best, Marcy Winograd, may the electoral gods be with you. If enough liberals won enough elections to make a real Democratic Party all that Change® folks keep talking about might actually happen.

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