Tuesday :: Mar 2, 2010

Primary Time

by paradox

Early Tuesday morning the wreck list at Daily Kos has the primary race against Blanche Lincoln in the top slot, depending on how one looks at it either a happy or shameful occasion. Good to enforce Party and liberal discipline on offensive turncoats, but oy she is only at the top of a very long list, some basic critical Party leadership decisions need to be loudly made here about how our horrendous Blue Dog problem is really going to be solved. A Lincoln loss with mute Party leadership and most of our other Blue Dogs winning re-election will not solve the problem.

Better to get Party votes half the time than none at all, thus is the asinine, ridiculously blinkered logic and thinking to accepting odious political souls among us like Feinstein, Specter, Lincoln, Nelson and Lieberman. Party votes are only a part of a complex, whirling political environment, Dianne Feinstein has messaging precisely the wrong strategy that horribly discourages everyone down to a finely honed art form of brilliant success, while Lieberman enrages and humiliates the Democratic base every time he flaps his lying lips, just his presence seriously degrades the perceptions of the Democratic Party’s commitment to basic human values. We must be some kinda sick to keep that horrible man in our Party, many diagnoses could easily fit the behavior, but whatever it precisely is it’s very bad.1

Most critical of all is the smashed expectations Blue Dogs routinely deliver, do in fact we have large majorities in the House and Senate or not? The answer comes back as well, sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t, simply plain insanity the Republicans never, ever have to put up with, they may have talked themselves on a Teabagger road to nowhere but at least they agree on who they are in ongoing futility. To voters the final perception of the Democratic Blue Dogged Party is confusing and jarringly blurry, along with being greatly disquieting, why is it that such allegedly committed souls to political ideals accept gross hypocrisy and treachery so easily and readily, as if they like to?

So here we are in March in a mid-term cycle and it appears as if we might have one high-profile primary against Lincoln, while the Sestak supporters are trying to take Specter out, who already has the support of President Obama.2


[makes the sign of the cross]

That appears to be it, the usual hit-or-miss one-or-two primaries for some of the worst, twisted offensive members among us while the Official Party Stance is to just deny the problem exists and endorse any incumbent, a disastrous strategy that has not delivered the critical votes, diluted Party values, confused and then horribly raised incorrect expectations about what we could in fact accomplish.

For instance, Jane Harman and Loretta Sanchez are notorious Blue Dog California House members who have no business being Democrats. It appears no official Party position or action will be taken against them, again, the status quo of constant failure and humiliating the base is apparently good enough for Pelosi, Reid and Obama.

Is that too much to expect, to demand that Party leadership honestly disclose Party members are worthy of expulsion through endorsed primary opponents? I don’t think so, it mainly makes politicians uncomfortable in upholding principles, oh the horrors.

Still, Obama, Rahm and Pelosi continue to run the show, so expect more of the same. Expect more of the same enthusiasm gap, too, I’m not the only liberal ready to bawl with sobbing shame the horrifying Party incompetence of the last 14 months. Don’t look at me, Klein and Benen are the ones who said the healthcare evolution has taken us to the brink of death and suicide. I do think there are better methods of Party politics to accomplish easy political goals than getting to the point where a gun is at your head, yes.

[1] I said I would watch the DADT evolution closely and was horrified eight days ago when the task was officially given to Joe Lieberman. Joe fucking Lieberman, are you kidding me!?

He is never, ever to be trusted in any sense, he is a loathsome warmongering violent vengeful political slut of the most horrifying, embarrassing sort. How could any good ever come out of anything he could get his claws on? How on earth could our people ever trust something so critical to that sneering animal? Why is our leadership so god...damn...clueless about how the base perceives their ability in regards to this horrible man? Why?

[2] I would listen to Sestak supporters more closely, but isn’t it true Mr. Democrat Sestak enraged and horribly discouraged our feminist sisters with the abhorrent abortion amendment to this year’s fun and healthcare games?

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