Thursday :: Mar 18, 2010

Open Thread

by Mary

Ted Haggard cleaned out the neighborhood before he was exposed as a hypocrite.

But my main source of information was a book I’d read seven years prior, Ted Haggard’s, Primary Purpose: Making It Hard for People to Go to Hell from Your City.[9] In it, I’d read the amazing story of how Haggard and his initially small band of followers had transformed the supposedly pagan, anti-Christian city into God’s own country. Through spiritual mapping (identifying the ruling demons in a given area) and systematic warfare-prayer walks through each neighborhood (in which those demons were expelled from the region, presumably to resettle in Washington state, California, New York and Massachusetts), Colorado Springs was now the godliest place in America: truly a city that was "hard to go to Hell from."

So that's what prayer walking is supposed to do? In the 1980s, my friend (east Indian atheist) was living in Colorado Springs when he was laid off and had to find work out of town (he settled in this significantly less holy city of Portland). Evidently Haggard's God caused my friend's company to lay off the infidels so he could clean up Colorado Springs. How utterly creepy that this is what they were trying to do.

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