Friday :: Mar 26, 2010

Authoritarian Bullies Don’t Lose Well

by paradox

Sirhan Sirhan is still serving a life sentence for assassinating Robert Kennedy only an hour’s drive from here in San Quentin, much to his lawyer’s chagrin. Almost all murderers serving over 40 years with a relative sound mind are paroled, absolutely nowhere is there any codification enforcing different justice for killing politicians, but as sure as the sun rose this morning Sirhan will die of old age at San Quentin.

Such has always been the ultimate political nightmare in the United States or anywhere, critical organized political outcomes among vast groups ripped asunder by some lone confused violent crank like Sirhan, who hurt us so much without even being in an environment where the last VP candidate in the election recently updated her Facebook page with rifle sight graphics.

The Rude Pundit recently taunted our ludicrous teabaggers, daring them to crank up the militias they so stupidly fantasized about forming if Obamacare socialized America. Come on, grandma, clutch that Constitution you purport to read so fervently, cock a rifle and then take a round in forehead from a Federal Marshall in the ultimate glory of American independence fighting the socialists. Oh yeah, we’re all quaking from the ramifications of that awful event to come.

Of course teabagger militias are about as likely in our lifetimes as galactic space travel, it was fun to rub their faces with their inanity but it may not have been wise, authoritarian bullies don’t lose well. They’ve lost the last two federal elections quite badly and after this week’s typically atrocious performance they’ll still be a minority in Congress this Fall. They can’t stop the socialization of America now, not in the Fall and sure as hell not in 2012 for President. John Cole recently noted he’s never, ever seen a politician with such ridiculously stupid opponents, Obama’s been lucky in that regard. The Republicans don’t have a hope in hell of beating Obama in 2012.

But what will they then do? Obamacare is a mild reform package and yet they still went berserk, what happens when he crushes another hapless Republican, there are no militias to form up, they have no house of Congress to obstruct with and very likely will not in the foreseeable future?

If their incredibly irresponsible leaders keep provoking their followers with violent images and rhetoric murder of a top Democrat by some sick lone crank almost seems inevitable. In one of the sickest, most foul blog posts I have ever read Digby of Hullabaloo documents how Republicans like Rove are desperately trying to inoculate themselves and their Party from such a scenario by blaming Democrats for winning politically and provoking racism and violence. Rove isn’t stupid, he knows inflaming armed cranks with no way to win is incredibly risky behavior.

Digby, by the way, calls the Republicans wife beaters, while I call them bullies. The point here is twofold, many among us have not accepted the Republicans are lost in space in their abusive tactics, it’s all they have left, they’ve driven out anyone who isn’t an authoritarian bully, they can’t be trusted in any sense. Somebody please blow up the bipartisanship model forever, it will never work with a Republican Party like this.

The other element is much more uncomfortable to accept, after a certain point being the victim of wifebeating or bullying becomes a sickness of acceptance, all know that the abuse is taking place but nobody does anything to change it, as it continues the victim presents a form of enabling to the abuser. It’s a grossly unfair phenomena in life and in no way do I blame the victims for it, but after a certain point victims have to take an element of responsibility for the situation.

Foul violent Republicans like Sarah Palin and her rifle sights act radically and dangerously because they’re used to it, it truly is a lot of fun to abuse Democrats and liberals, watch them quiver in rage as she continually puts them down. It’s even more fun to make a fake tape of soliciting prostitution in an ACORN office that was so childishly transparent in its premise and yet still made the Democrats run like little wussies, man what a gas. Did you hear ACORN recently closed shop? Ha ha!

Federal Democrats, it’s long been observed and known you’re helpless classic bully victims, your neurotic appeasement and fleeing is only inviting more and extreme forms of the abuse. It’s your duty to grow and change, not only for the sake of the country but for personal and familial reasons too. The enraged powerless opposition got out the rifle sight graphics, you don’t have a choice anymore. Follow the leadership of Senator Franken and Representative Grayson in this regard, it isn't any accident that two total newcomers to DC know precisely what to do.

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