Wednesday :: Mar 31, 2010

I Voted For Change©

by paradox

Unlike Senator Scott Brown I don’t drive a truck, I work with a truck. A Ford F-150 Supercrew, a real utility vehicle without four wheel drive that can carry six, hold tools and pull 5,000 lbs. I have small dreams, I wanted this car for a decade and finally got it, all my life I knew I’d be one of those guys with gray hair and a pickup 30 years old, why on earth spend 40k to replace something so perfect?

It’s actually a piece of junk, its v-8 a tragic anachronism of another carbon-based energy epoch dragging us toward inexorable destructive change. Instead of lasting 40 years it should be slated for only another 5, by then it will have to be replaced by an electric alternative. Bye bye little dream, oh well, that and forty thousand dollars, country, security and earth completely demand it, grow old with the electric truck (which will be smaller and half as capable, no big).

That the Obama Administration cannot see this with their announcement of offshore drilling this morning is monumentally discouraging, if such words could every truly illuminate the scope of outrage and disappointment I feel. I’m certainly not alone, I just hopped over from Daily Kos on the subject and words like devastating, terrible disappointment, loony, and betrayal bitterly litter the comment section of the top recc’d work.

“Like fucking for virginity,” the author said grimly.

The only world I can live in is a tiny one of trees, food gardens and flowers, how our leadership could blithely chuck it and the duty I have for my grandchildren is a bitter deep blow I that I won’t forget, and I don’t forget anyway. If DC is looking for trust, loyalty and work from this base member look elsewhere.

Remember the words of one of the best political bloggers in the country, Digby of Hullaballoo: you’re literally playing with fire. How could it be that the searing lessons of only ten years ago are forgotten? Bill Clinton thumbed his nose at liberals so many times they angrily migrated to Nader and installed the worst President of all time, it still remains to be seen if we can ever recover from it. Again, that the Obama Administration is blind to this reaches unforgivable levels of political obtuseness.

Speaking of dreams, I had a replacement one ready when I had to replace my beloved F-150. I met a man in Texas once, charming, handsome, debonair, accomplishing great things yet so endearingly humble and real. Jerome a Paris, he builds massive offshore windmills, wind farms of huge grace foretelling a clean future where humans are finally in alignment with their environment, a place of generous renewable peace, no more polluting oil to fight over.

I wanted to go fishing among the huge towers and slow spinning turbines. I’ve walked underneath the big turbines at Altamont and it was such a graceful, hopeful memory I so wanted to see Jerome’s vision a reality in another environment I love so much, our seas.

All gone, a sickening reality of more drilling for oil off our coasts its bitter replacement. I voted for Change© in 2008, this is nothing but searing regression, and there will be a price to pay for this…this….insanity, know it like the earth warms, not only politically but to our earth, the only planet and environment we have. Confusion, bitterness and outrage my baggage for this day, abandonment of duty to Party and Earth burdens of a reality that was so foolishly chosen by charlatans I myself voted for, wandering among my tress and wondering if they’ll be alive for my grandchildren.

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