Thursday :: Apr 8, 2010

Liberal Policies Work

by paradox

Brother Bob Herbert of the New York Times insisted we look at the wounded from our war in Afghanistan this week, a nobly futile effort in our not-liberal times. Immediate peace in Afghanistan is the liberal policy stance for that insane and tragic war, and our don’t-be-calling-me-a-liberal administration will have none of that. Once again—despite Herbert’s efforts—attention to the horrible “sacrifice” wounds (losing your legs) our little people in the Services are afflicted with the rest of their lives will fade away in the immediate American consciousness.

Before we go any further some words from the greatest generation Andy Rooney require imperative understanding. The soldier Herbert chronicled didn’t sacrifice his legs, they were taken from him. He didn’t know it when he enlisted, but at the precise moment he signed that American sacrificed his trust and faith in the United States Government, and in due course we all let him down. With horrific and tragic consequences, all so unnecessary.

A pattern gradually emerges on policy choice 17 months into the Obama administration: the liberal path is never taken. Abandonment of fossil fuels, single payer healthcare, strong consumer protection, peace, gender and income equality, LGBT rights, not once—ever—does the plainly liberal solution to any issue get implemented. A huge bloc of liberal House members pledging all or nothing for the public option was almost comically ignored, while a little band of 14 sexist patriarchal House twerps got a deal with the President.

An extremely interesting development has arisen out of this miasma of policy futility, for once the Obama stance of politics-in-the-moment has them trapped in their ludicrous embrace of Bushian civil rights interpretations. A federal judge recently ruled Bush wiretapping policy to be blatantly illegal, and even the Obama administration cannot be seen to enabling criminality to that point with an appeal. But if they do not appeal doing nothing will ever work, the fiercely liberal cry of prosecuting Bush criminals must commence, something that cannot happen, it’s plainly obvious the Obama administration is petrified of the liberal peacenik commie label such action would commence. How it’s schemed to get out of this one will be interesting to watch.

At any rate the glaring problem in all of this soon becomes apparent: liberal policy solutions actually work and solve problems, while flimsy of-the-moment-not-liberal choices fail. The Obama administration isn’t conservative, it isn’t liberal, so it’s the Clintonian model of massaging the politics of momentary present into limited policy success. One can argue on the political acumen of this, but at least Obama is going to win with it, it’s truly sad how the Republicans have absolutely no one to run against them in 2012, Obama is easily go to crush whomever he faces.

A frustrated Matt Miller of the Washington Post wonders this morning if an old liberal solution to America will ever get implemented in these times of policy failure, regulated capitalism. It’s a very well-tested political science question with a tragic answer, many epochs and societies easily demonstrate that a people endure searing abuse for an appalling length of time before they finally revolt, very few had the luck of America with an ocean to keep the boot heel at bay.

It’s like Harrison Ford in Six Days and Seven Nights, right, when he grimly faces Anne Heche about how truly stuck they are in that unknown island of nowhere. “We could be here a long, long, long, long-long time.”

A grim prescription for America on this April 8th in the two thousand and tenth year of our Lord. My birthday. A tiny American life in this great human mix of a country, born and bred here with a fierce resolve never to forget the liberal legacy of my past that made me who I am. Liberals are good real Americans too, seriously, and one day our solutions will inevitably be implemented, even if they have to be semi-hidden in that unnecessary label of progressive. They work.

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