Friday :: Apr 9, 2010

Open Thread

by Mary

So when they raise the Social Security age to 75, will they also figure out what to do with all those workers aged 50 and above who are being sloughed off company rolls as fast as companies can make it happen? Perhaps we should look forward to "working" at WalMart or Home Depot from the ages of 50-75 with all the benefits that come from working at our full capacity? And perhaps workers who work physically demanding jobs should be happy to keep on keeping on working hard for another decade or more? Why should they be allowed to slow down?

Oh that's right, that's not our problem. If people aren't smart enough or rich enough to take care of themselves when they are old, they only have themselves to blame. Because asking for a more equitable society with progressive tax rates would destroy the incentive of all the truly worthy wealthy who would be destitute to be taxed even 1% more than they pay today. That would truly destroy our country.

[Updated with link for some of the discussion on raising the retirement age.]

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