Monday :: Apr 12, 2010

Down is Down

by paradox

Using an amusingly selective interpretation of the electorate’s concern of employment history and rather leading with his chin, John Cole of Balloon Juice was chagrined Friday night that everyone in the liberal netroots seemed so foolishly pessimistic. It didn’t take long before an astute commenter noted the official (useless) unemployment rate has doubled to over an appalling 10% since Obama took office, and if global warming and shooting Afghans can be blown off as political abstracts in our confusing world keeping the lights on with food on the table cannot, Americans need jobs.

The President’s approval hit a new low this morning with Gallup, perhaps indelibly marking the importance of employment to the American electorate with Mr. Cole, who probably had it driven home by that commenter who bluntly stated that yes, Americans need jobs for an optimistic political outlook. The world is round, Tunch is fat, just brutal.

Not to specifically pick on John, nor to express a resentment for being put on the default comment moderator list at Balloon Juice (me?), but just to drive home the point as forcefully as possible that if the Obama administration insists on rationalizing the responsibility and consequences to a 10% unemployment rate the American people surely will not, much to detriment of the Democratic Party and the American people.

Time to pay the piper for the appalling Obama tactic of letting bygones be bygones, it would have been so easy to keep political responsibility for unemployment with the idiots who got us here, Bush and Cheney, but instead we’ve risked the House and Senate in 2010 for some ridiculous political goal of bonhomie with charlatans who hate liberals and the Democratic Party. Welcome to 45%.

Does that number worry me for 2012 in Machiavellian terms? Not at all. Never in my life have I seen such a ludicrous field of pathetic wannabees in the Republican presidential ranks, Sarah Palin is credibly argued to be basely credible or not, for chrissakes, those guys have so nothing against Obama in 2012, he’s going to smash whomever they haplessly foist against the handsome telegenic President in that big blue plane.

Concern instantly arises for Party prospects in the 2010 midterms with that over-10% unemployment number, however, a double-edged worry, for if Machiavelli frowns at the political obtuseness, Francis is surely pissed at all the pain and suffering the little people are going through without jobs. I have no idea what’s going to happen in the midterms, of course not, but so nonchalantly flipping off political and moral gods as part of a midterm political strategy can never lead to any good outcome in any sense.

It bears repeating that the little people have never had to chin it with unemployment so badly as the result of policy failure in our terrible great recession. Brother Atrios of Eschaton got brutal on the Obama administration’s obtuseness on the matter once: what will it take for the crisis in unemployment to spur the Labor Department into real action for the little people? A stock market crash.

What appears to be the present political rationale for economics and the midterms? We’ve stabilized the banks, well, you know, that so gets this old guard little people FDR liberal down. I’ve got many things to be gratefully happy about today and I will be, but sunny optimism can never burst forth in blog essay with an American politics like that, it just can’t. It doesn’t for Nate Silver, it doesn’t for Atrios, nor the little people responders for Gallup. Down is down.

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