Thursday :: Apr 15, 2010

The President Isn’t Angry

by paradox

The clammy dance of bipartisanship never seems to deliver policy victories to a weary Democratic base, emboldens the Republicans with an absurd legitimacy and only makes Rush and Beck yip louder, yet President Obama never abstains from embracing it with each new domestic policy initiative. Tactical partisans wearing purely political lenses like John Cole and yours truly are baffled and exasperated, when will we stop pre-compromising with these angry sexist drill-baby-drill racists?

Baffled to the point where base environment precepts must be questioned, one simply must be missing something very basic here. After new polling data has come in on our cher cousin Teabaggers from the New York Times that no one can stop talking about an obvious answer might finally have started to sink in for the puzzle of Obama bipartisanship, it has little to do with tactical politics and (duh) almost everything to do with race.

Backtrack to a cultural phenomena recently chronicled so well by Barbara Ehrenreich in Bright-Sided, the relentless American ethos to be cheery and happy no matter the circumstances. You should be angry too, the excellent writer Angry Mouse recently said at Daily Kos, not to drive home the logic of her positions but just to legitimize the emotion. To stridently complain and don a cloak of anger in America must mean there’s something wrong with you.

How utterly fucking convenient, then, that the Teabagger movement, so seething with bitterly sparking anger and resentment, should have its spittle and rage celebrated, Jesus, as Digby says even have a television network celebrate and promote it. When the task of keeping the status quo of keeping old white guys with money is before America, why, racist rage (nigger!) and abuse (faggot!) are perfectly okay, bust up that town hall meeting all you want, dude, we’ll even get you on the news.

Imagine what the media reaction would have been if the National Organization for Women busted up town hall meetings all summer in rage, or the NAACP. We have a long, long way to go in eliminating the cultural ethos of white male patriarchy in this country.

Imagine what the media and political reaction would be if President Obama took on the liberal agenda with real passion and vigor, instantly he would be transformed in the Angry Black Man out to destroy white male America. It’s funny in a way, of course Obama has been anything but confrontational in his domestic politics, as Digby said if half the Republicans think you’re a socialist after saving Wall Street go for it, dude, might as well give in and make the liberals happy at least.

Now that I might possibly have an understanding as to why President Obama is so relentlessly bipartisan—there has to be a corporate-based element of enabling there too—where does that leave me and the rest of the liberal base in hoping to see a vigorous liberal agenda implemented for the country in the rest of President Obama’s terms?

Up the creek, it would appear, I have no answer whatsoever as how President Obama is supposed to transform himself into an Angry Black Man when the Republicans have already become berserk and enraged when he has been nothing but the most mild, accommodating, reasonable President imaginable. As Frank Rich wrote so well last month precise issues have nothing to do with it, a black President and Latina Supreme Court Justice spit forth this enraged Republican reaction on complete autopilot.

I suppose it could be credibly stated what much of the writing and work I perform is fabricated under a collar of anger, that perhaps, on occasion, it distorts the truth of my cause in a detrimental, un-persuasive way. To which I would reply: no shit. My wounds are very real, and if I don’t have the luxury of Fox news legitimizing and enabling my transgressions at least I have the privilege of learning and growth.

I’m becoming an old white guy myself, I’ve seen my share of Presidents, and I will still be here with my duty long, long after the Teabaggers and President Obama are gone, using the tools given to me to make America a safe, equal, clean nation at peace. Believe you me, if duty doesn’t spur me on anger at American inequality, sexism, militarism, and climate degradation will.

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