Thursday :: Apr 29, 2010

Press Pool Turns Against White House?

by Deacon Blues

Here’s one for you to chew on. The same White House press pool that let the Bush administration use them as a doormat as long as they were given access is now complaining about the Obama administration not giving them access, and hammering them for adverse coverage. Glenn Greenwald notes that if the press pool is that upset over a lack of access, a lack of transparency, and mistreatment by the White House for adverse coverage, shouldn’t they go public with this instead of staying off-the-record for fear of retaliation?

Again, these are the same people who let the Bush administration play them like a drum and let Jeff Gannon and other nuts join their ranks with little uproar because they were afraid of Rove and Ari Fleischer.

Is it any coincidence that the "lack of transparency" line has also been in the right wing talking points during the health care debate since last year?

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