Thursday :: Jun 3, 2010

It’s a Creeper

by paradox

We’re in deep shit, the indefatigable Digby of Hullabaloo recent wrote at the initial Obama reaction to the horrendous Gulf oil spill, not at the dry technocrat responses in trying to massage the politics but at the utter clueless obliviousness that the age of oil has to be over and Candidate Change plowed ahead with our planet earth like George Custer.

This is just terrifying, the stalwartly optimistic Paul Krugman of the New York Times said last week at the beyond appalling institutionalization of insane monetary policy, economies have gone to hell with the private sector totally broke and stalled but inflation must be a problem—it really has to be in some universe in some future, honest—so jack interest rates and cut spending. It isn’t economic suicide, it is not, we codified so it must be okay.

Another greatly troubling element to the Gulf oil spill horror that magnifies its significance out of the energy realm is that it’s just one more thing that has gone horribly wrong: war in Iraq, war in Afghanistan, looting at the Fed with heinous Wall Street felons booking $15,000 vacations this week, teachers and cops and firefighters thrown to the street, Israel berserk, hunger and unemployment and sickness ripping our little people everywhere. The world in general feels in a tilt, we’re reeling and know another blow has to be coming.

Shock Doctrine: wap-wap! An broad event of horror triggers an opportunity window for elites to implement radical policy that never would have been accepted by the little people had the severely disorienting event not occurred. It’s generally accepted the Iraq war is a textbook shock doctrine evolution, a reeling frightened populace (with far too many Democrats) acquiescing to an insane killing criminal enterprise made up out of whole cloth.1

A terrible time and mistake we are almost physically withdrawn from, yes, but essentially over. We came out of the shock doctrine fog with the election of Obama. Didn’t we?

Digby of Hullabaloo keeps warning us that we have not, not by a long shot, we as Americans are still grossly upset out of our normal proportions and are willing to accept almost anything in order for the world to seem normal and orderly again. Recent developments in Arizona seem to confirm her thesis, but whether she’s correct or not must be viewed through in irrevocable acutely aware fact to any shock doctrine evolution: it will creep on you.

Many years ago, I’m almost sure it was at Firedoglake, I read a tragic story of a Jewish university professor trapped in Berlin during the horrifying late 1930’s. One by one every pillar of society and sanity he knew fell all around him in flames, but it was a viciously slow, insidious process with such an amazing aura of normality to it all. During the last summer before the Polish invasion the Berlin orchestra magnificently played Wagner and Beethoven, frolicking children bought ice cream in the parks, the earth offered a sublime summer of long cool evenings graced with wine and northern lights. He was dead within a year, the world overrun to hell with such a calm soothing feeling of background normality right before it all started.

That’s how the Iraq war started, we’d already gone to war with Afghanistan but staggering in a shock doctrine boil we let ourselves be manipulated and lied to in a eight month process that got us smashed into a trillion dollar hole of hell. American Idol was still on, there were still steaks at Safeway, still gas at the pump.

Again, the issue is not whether Digby is correct, the critical element for the little people to keep in mind is just the very credible threat of a shock doctrine evolution should make us extremely cautious and aware of anything radical or grossly divergent from the norm offered by our leadership. Who among us does not trust Digby and Krugman as credible voices? (I idolize them). Shock doctrine radicalization will creep on us, if we’re being told we’re in terrifying deep shit we must be acutely aware not to be driven by fear or manipulated with nationalism.

Political science, branch of social, can be a maddeningly hazy and obscure environment for arrival of concrete, irrevocable results, society just can’t give scientific results like atoms or acids. But for once Digby has the ultimate variable in proving or disproving her shock doctrine thesis that will demonstrate with the utmost clarity whether she’s correct or not, one any physical scientist would glowingly admire: social security.

All is appallingly and incredibly in place by that atrocious deficit commission to cut social security benefits next year. Never mind how we ever got so terribly cornered, if that event is initiated know like the sun rose we are in shock doctrine fog and reel, it creeped on us, we saved for 40 years in over-taxation with social security and now thieves who started wars and make the rich richer want the little people money to pay for it. Never, ever—not in a million fucking years—ever let them do it, we cannot and will not let an event like Iraq happen again.

[1] The recent behavior of Israel is appalling and deserves the condemnation its receiving, but how is it really so different from what we did in Iraq? We starved that country for a decade with UN sanctions and then invaded it on a foundation of total lies. Yet there seems to be very little perspective of this fact in all the uproar. Perhaps Israel would behave differently if we did.

War will distort and degrade every value we hold precious the longer we engage in it. After enough time our leadership and people will lose the moral moxie for change, we know in our hearts we’re dishonest killers, so why believe in what must be vital for us?

Do you really want to take the chance--with the one life and country we’re given--that I’m wrong? Really? End the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, now. Today.

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