Friday :: Jun 11, 2010

Whistling Past The Graveyard

by Deacon Blues

As paradox notes effectively below, not only has the White House and party leadership managed to show little love for the base, that stimulus bill they produced has flopped. The only people who've done well under Obama's economic policies are Wall Street and the wealthy.

The White House goes cheap on the stimulus, naively assuming it would get another shot at Round Two in an election year if needed. Nope. You've failed if your record to date is:

*Going cheap on the stimulus;
*Throwing billions at Wall Street instead of Main Street;
*Going with a trillion-dollar health care reform plan;
*Stalling financial reform and losing momentum to nail the culprits;
*Losing control of the HCR debate over costs and overreach;
*Watching deficit hawks grab the narrative and kill more stimulus;
*Then pandering to them by offering to cut entitlements.

All of this was avoidable, with better planning and strategy, and a little less ego about your ability to sell it. Add to this cocktail a demonstration that you have no crisis management skills, mixed with ongoing concerns that you're too cool and detached, and what you get is a failed presidency and an economy that will resemble Japan of the 1990's.

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