Friday :: Jun 18, 2010

Rally the Base, Bring On the Catfood Commission

by paradox

The United States has a terrible journalism corps, and if one doesn’t believe it answer a simple question: who is the greatest buyer of US Treasury bonds?

An instant answer that should be on the lips of every citizen is that—of course—we are, the little people.1 We seriously over-tax ourselves for extra social security cash, then use it to buy US Treasury bonds. The government uses that cash to keep the government afloat in real time, today.

But…but…what about the money from the over-taxation, how do the little people get it back if it never got saved? 30 years from now the government will honor it with cash on hand and buy the savings bond back.

At least 50% of American citizens would be dumbfounded at this amazing little game we’ve played with our incredibly hard-earned tax money. The widespread realization that all this time we’ve lied to ourselves that we’ve been saving when we really haven’t would instantly earn searing sustained attention to our alleged public servant’s daily honesty levels, something that sure would do the country a lot of good.

I still find this hard to comprehend happened under a Democratic Party administration, but the Obama Administration appears to have chugged the austerity/jack rates/cut the deficit Kool-Aid insanity by forming the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. They stuffed it with offensive idiots like Alan Simpson whose sole purpose is to screw the little people out of their social security savings. Hence the sickening nickname, the Catfood Commission.

Here he is, courtesy of the very good Open Left, just blatantly shoving it into our faces that we have to be happy with 75% on the bonds. Look, assholes, we used the money, just because you used real cash doesn’t mean we’ll use it to pay you back!

This exponentially offensive scumbag of a human being and his filthy stealing commission do not—thank God—have any direct power, they can only recommend, but the dreaded scenario is that somehow the Republicans win the House this Fall and then all falls into place, our nauseating Senate (can’t we stop being disgraced by those losing Senate unemployment extension votes every day?) will easily acquiesce and the President signs it, Austerity is In.

The money we saved all those years to keep the catfood off the menu? Fuck you, get used to it.

By the way, from a civic fiduciary management perspective this is thunderously outrageous, putting aside the screaming moral problems from gutting social security financing those Treasury bonds is absurdly easy in 30 years. Stop being in two wars, cut the grossly bloated “defense” budget in half, and take back those sick trickle-nothing tax cuts we gave the rich under Reagan and Bush. So easy.

Since the first part of the story is nowhere from our nonexistent journalists, naturally so is the second.

[shows hands helplessly] How am I supposed to get motivated positively for my Party with this catfood monstrosity malevolently sitting there with foul reeking turds of humans like Alan Simpson fouling the Republic on a Friday morning? How could it possibly be reasonable for anyone to ask that of me? Of any Democrat, of any American who has paid social security taxes all these years?

David Plouffe is all the tough-guy fighter in my In box this morning, hey David, could you do the Party and the country an epic favor by publicly stating many times that no matter what those horrible thieves come up with on the Catfood Commission social security will never, ever be used to finance wars and tax cuts?

No? How silly of me to demand so much blunt truth, please excuse my naiveté. Can we please get many sustained public pronouncements that no matter what those slithering scumbags of pond scum come up with in ways to steal our savings social security will never be touched, never mind the fucking details?

It’s my duty—as it is of every Party member—to get optimistic, energetic and focused on goal, elections are here. It is simply impossible with Alan Simpson betraying everything we’ve ever perceived about public service and the Republic when someone finally corners him on that catfood commission of his.

It isn’t too much to ask to make social security sacroscant. We have to rally and energize the base, and if 75% of the little people every truly comprehend what’s happened here you’ll dream of the days when all you had to worry about was a few base members who couldn’t put up with it anymore.

[1] I am somewhat chagrined to see the term thrown about a little too loosely lately from the poor wording of that BP Official and his reference to small people.

The Republic is its little people, all of us. We’re not a demographic slice.

For what it’s worth, I started using the term years ago in homage to the dialogue in the great movie Working Girl, from the first time Harrison Ford and Melanie Griffith meet in a bar and have a drink.

“To the people,” he said, raising his glass.

“To the little people,” she replied in small voice, raising her own.

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