Thursday :: Jul 8, 2010

Huh, It’s Just a Teacher’s Job

by paradox

I’ve been reading with soaring dismay and stinging distress the exemplary blogging of David Waldman of Congress Matters regarding the horribly convoluted twists of denial and furtive dishonesty our House of Representatives is going through to, well, not pass a budget and not really vote on the $80 billion war supplemental this month, yet somehow a crippled budget and war will emerge this summer and sputter along with no underlying issues even acknowledged, let alone acted upon.

I’ve seen this budgetary pony act for six years running in California, legislators are put in truly impossible structural and political positions and the result is nothing, total gridlock for months, only to see a pathetic shell of a budget slapped together in the last second using some stupid trick so the ordeal can be put off for the next session. Trust me, when the House can’t pass a budget and lies to itself to keep the wars going were in a horrible spot of trouble as a people.

I’m supposed to be resting, but what really has me in the pixels is a current Federal story and issue within the educational community, even more alarming and in need of calm, rational implementation than the war and the budget, if that were possible.

Before we begin it’s critical to acknowledge—wearily, with no agenda but the truth—that the Obama Administration is dealing with an issue and core Democratic party constituent group here that is sorely hurt, reeling and bleeding professionally in real time, and not accepting of rhetoric as a solution. Again. This time it’s the teachers and the education community, but in our rhapsodic summer of 2010 the environmentalists are pissed off, civil libertarians and constitutionalists beyond outraged, Hispanics forever branded with a bad impatience scar, Keynesian economists virulently disgusted, all the while Party Machiavellians like myself weekly tearing our hair out.

Elections are coming, now is time when we desperately need and count on our core people. This grand Third Obama Way above the squabbles of the past, this outrageous false equivalency of amazing audacity to Party constituencies, this incredible acceptance of Republicans like Bernanke and Gates when we need votes? We as a people may not have learned from the Depression and Vietnam, but by every atom in my being if we lose the House or Senate this Fall we as a Party will never, ever elect a leader for a presidential cycle who openly disdains partisan politics again. I haven’t forgotten, I will be watching, and a blazingly ruthless process of accountability will begin if we lose this Fall, I but one voice in a roaring horde of pain.

Now then. Teachers and education are dismayed at the constant loss of jobs since 2004 and the appalling credo of fire the teachers in a manipulative, searing Orwellian Federal mindfuck of race to the top. Go figure. As another incredible 100,000 teacher job loss looms this Fall teachers want that money of Orwell to survive. Will they get it this summer?

Oh to the unholy heavens of sacred bleeding Jesus if States got hooked on Federal money that served American children and communities. While we race to the top by laying off 100,000 teachers what risk do we as a people take to have on our kids not on the dole like Halliburton and farmers?

In California we cut to the bone long ago, half our districts are at 30 per class with no counselors and one janitor, if they’re fortunate. What a mean, chickenshit society we have become when it’s okay to lay off a teacher and then hire some of them back with lower pay. How grossly stupid economically, how amazingly callous to sneer at defense of losing even one precious teaching job, it’s just an American life and dream of a soul dedicated to our children that signed up for a decade of cruel poverty to get there. In the shitcan you go, there’s motherboard prices and mineral extraction regulation to worry about, the Republic does not exist to serve you in any sense, American teacher.

All very true, I’m so baffled and sick to say. But there’s a million children in Stockton and Ventura and Richmond and Lodi and Livermore and Fort Bragg who are really hurt and lost, the mortgage and job at home vanished so long ago, in a hurricane of bewildering confusion the only eyes and hands of steady love in their lives in consistent patterns comes from teachers. We actually dare as a people to rob our children and ourselves the tiny desperate chances we have to be a real people and country?

It’s just a teaching job, clueless utterly lost DC dunceheads chatter away. How utterly wrong they are, how lost we have become as a country to be in this place.

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