Monday :: Jul 12, 2010

Meekly Giving Up

by paradox

I paid attention to Ezra Klein eight days ago with the news the House would only pass a budget resolution this year with no room at all for more discretionary spending, so David Axelrod’s memorable meander on Meet The Press yesterday that there would be zero Executive effort for a jobs or stimulus bill this summer was not surprising, even though it spurned a mighty chatter of indignation in liberal blogorati.

There is no appetite for new spending, this poor DC bubbleized modern Versailles courtier babbled cluelessly, oblivious that every soul in a food line or mortgage foreclosure is vividly aware Congress will pass a $600 billion Pentagon budget while horribly contorting itself to befoul us all with a $80 billion war supplemental. Plus that trivial little Fed audit concerning an evolution that passed out trillions to our felonious finance “industry” two years ago, oh yes, David, it went over so well down at the homeless shelter and the history books how this Congress suddenly gets no appetite for spending when little people Americans are on the streets.

Meekly giving up, spat the usually sunny super-brain Mathew Yglesias. Confused politically, said the stoic Atrios. Look, Steve The Machine Benen solemnly intoned--instantly worthy of mordant chuckle matching Mr. Axelrod’s Versailles performance—President Obama really hates and avoids fights he fully expects to lose.

Heh. Doesn’t like losing? What Democratic Party prism of reality has President Obama and his cholos been living with the last 40 years? We’ve been getting our unholy asses kicked almost that entire time in a berserk media environment. Haggard Democratic voters still cling to blue DEAN buttons, the hapless Democratic Party base has been dealing with abject federal political failure for an epoch age of acid forever, only in the last six years has a real chance of winning emerged.

Childishly amusing rationalizations of our leadership’s ability to function aside, there an inviolate evolutions of the political calendar and events that irrevocably call for a fight, precisely as the schedule demands participation from a professional football team. 2-9 with five brutal weeks of failure to go? Tough shit, professional, suit the hell up and get out there, losing and failure hurt like hell but there is no shame in it, none. One has to fight and likely lose, oh well, is it really possible one would choose the reeking cowardice of leaving the field, of leaving your people out there alone?

As far as domestic stimulus or a jobs bill is concerned this summer from the Obama administration the answer is yes. Thus with such leadership we march toward the Fall elections.

Fear of losing and failure will surely deliver nothing but both, life is quite brutal and irrevocable in deliverance for certain human behaviors, and the Democratic base should expect losing both houses of Congress this Fall. This possible epic disaster isn’t hoped for, of course not, but the Democratic base should fully expect the possibility and be ready, somehow, to keep the liberal vision moving forward should it happen. With Presidential leadership not showing up for the little people neither will their votes, anything could happen, how David Axelrod, alleged wizard of politics, could be blind to something so politically basic demonstrates how totally lost a human can get in just a few weeks of the DC village.

I expect to be where in the Fall where I already am, hurt and angry, absolutely livid politically at the Executive inability to fight for the little people and only trusting of my brothers and sisters in blogtopia, they are the only real agents for political change I perceive and trust. They are the souls deserving of political treasure and energy, what puny amounts I can still muster up will go to them.

A vote? Oh, if you must, there you go. Of course it’s irrelevant in the results, mine should never have been a concern, as it obviously isn’t. If Axelrod and his cholos don’t start fighting in the next two weeks, losing or no, we’re all going to find out to our immense horror how completely irrelevant all of us will be in the United States of America.

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