Thursday :: Jul 15, 2010

The President Says a Lot of Things

by paradox

I see White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs got into a lot of trouble with Speaker Pelosi for saying Democrats could lose the House, so since I said on Monday the base should expect the same outcome I guess I’m on her shit list now too. I most emphatically did not predict we would lose the House, I said with our basely lousy politics anything could happen, and--as Talking Points Memo pointed out yesterday--with 120 days to go as the Speaker hurls missiles at the White House and the Senate, well, our august leadership aren’t behaving like winners.

I noticed yesterday President Obama was the perpetrator of a furious post at Balloon Juice with DougJ at the helm, our haplessly malleable Executive appointed a new OMB head while spouting the most stupid and regressive Hooverisms available. Well, the President says a lot of things, Doug, all of which I trust as much as the babbling from network television news. We shall all wait and see if our leadership can actually spend half the Pentagon budget on the little people, why, we could tighten our belts and employ Americans with good jobs, but a pencilneck DC technocrat at the OMB is extremely unlikely to espouse difficult political evolutions for people he doesn’t even understand or comprehend, so more of the status quo is likely what we’ll get.

Hey, whatever eventually happens won’t be Hooverism, Doug. They were just words.

We’re screwed, the brave and valiant Jill Richardson of La Vida Locavore wrote so well a week ago, basely from an environmental and sustenance perspective, but one might be surprised that I am not so pessimistic politically, underestimating and ignoring employment puts is in a terrible spot but we’re running against Republicans who have very significant number thresholds to overtake for getting majorities in the House or Senate.

We will do what we can, but what I truly hope happens in the Fall election evolution is the total abandonment of bipartisanship forever as a workable political idea. Republicans are our opponents, if we really knew it we would have impeached or prosecuted them while putting them away for easily a generation. Now just two freaking years after the Obama victory they’re back.

How I hope every Democratic base member remembers what this feels like, how impossible it is to survive politically without the mindset of battling some very vicious political goons every day. How awful it is too see little people lose everything—even a tiny unemployment check—because we failed in the 100% predictable outcome of not getting along with Republicans.

I’m not at all pessimistic for 2010 outcomes or beyond, not wholly, for the tools and policies to deliver for the little people and Democrats are within easy reach, and we get to run against Republicans. They have nothing on a total road to nowhere, reeking of sexism and racism with only tax cuts to offer, which they babble about in fantasies even more lost than Hooverism.

As soon as the Obama Administration admits it made a mistake—look, the Republican unemployment behavior gives ample political cover, dudes—and starts actively fighting Republicans every day we’ll easily start to win and the lives of all Americans will improve.

We may have to wait until Darryl Isa starts an impeachment committee in the House for the Obama Administration to learn from their error of embracing bipartisanship. Are they really that politically obtuse to put themselves and the country through that before it finally sinks through? I doubt it.

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