Thursday :: Jul 22, 2010

Grow Some Balls Mr. President

by Deacon Blues

If the Democratic Party was headed by a well-functioning, clear-eyed presidential administration, our candidates this week would be slamming the GOP for offering nothing except obstructionism, racism, and blame-game politics for their 2010 agenda. Our candidates could be speaking from a consistent set of hard-hitting talking points that point the finger at today's GOP and their media as the real culprits behind what ails this country. Instead, the Obama White House pisses its pants out of fear over anything Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart would say about Shirley Sherrod.

Why in hell did anyone in this administration even care for one minute about anything Breitbart or Beck would say about anything? Since when is a smear job from the right wing media towards an African American cause for the administration to act in any way at all? These thugs and their employers shouldn't be respected or feared, rather they should be exposed and villified. Yet this White House cowers in fear.

Who cares whether or not Tom Vilsack or the White House made this decision? The outrage is that a decision was made in the first place to fire a public servant based on crap from the right wing media, without any internal review. If the administration is so scared of Beck and Breitbart that they think this was, as Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina said "decisive action" and a "good example of how to respond in this atmosphere", then Democrats need a new standard-bearer in 2012 because Barack Obama is either incompetent or gutless, and perhaps both. If this administration was going to fire anyone by now, it shouldn't have been Sherrod or Van Jones, but rather Tom Vilsack, Ken Salazar, and the pathetic Jim Messina.

Until Barack Obama gets some balls, and surrounds himself with warriors who see his political opponents for what they really are, and who have the courage of their convictions to call them out and push them against the wall every day publicly, then he himself is not worthy of respect. No matter what Kool Aid his supporters continue to drink in defending him from all blame on this sad debacle, his White House reviewed the USDA draft statement Monday night on Sherrod's firing and let it go through without demanding verification of her alleged sins. And they rushed this through because they were afraid of Glenn Beck.

For now, Barack Obama is the GOP's bitch, all-too-ready to be knocked around by them with no taste for dealing with the atmosphere itself. But having let them take down ACORN with an outright fraud, and still spewing the word "bipartisan" because the Axelrod/Jarrett/Gibbs cabal thinks it sells better than being a fighter, it's not hard to understand why the GOP has no fear of this president.

And if you think Hillary Clinton would have been pushed around like this too, you're delusional.

Lastly, sorry Josh: blaming the media won't cut it. We already expect the media to buy this crap from the Mighty Wurlitzer and run with it, because they've been doing it for twenty years and their corporate bosses want controversy aimed at a Democratic president. That's to be expected, and the center-left blogosphere knows all about the sorry state of our media. But that doesn't give this White House a pass for being pussies, afraid of confronting their opponents and totally unable to live up to their lofty rhetoric.

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