Tuesday :: Jul 27, 2010

Elizabeth Warren

by paradox

It was drolly, duly noted at Daily Kos last night that since both Mathew Yglesias and Markos Moulitsas had advocated Elizabeth Warren to head the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau she was now doomed, for if one element is likely to motivate the White House, why, punching hippie bloggers while strutting around DC as the Not Liberals is one of their favorite political ploys. Since the radical Left Coaster endorses Warren too (not that I put myself on Yglesias’ or Moulitsas’ level) her fate is apparently assured a tiny bit more.

I have deliberately avoided the topic of White House personnel decisions since the Sherrod debacle, for I was one of those who had not forgotten or forgiven the atrocious Van Jones episode. Cowardly capitulation to Fox News thugs that abandons the careers of your people and your mission is a searing roaring mistake of unbelievable stupidity to this proudly Machiavellian liberal, I am as furiously politically upset as I have ever been, and for the sake of my sanity and rational discourse I will briefly touch upon a few relevant points and attempt to move on.


I so hope the White House got whiplashed in this event to smack in comprehension that the Leftist Bloggers they disdain so are anything but whatever the ridiculous DC conventional wisdom is, very likely demonstrated by this incredible exchange between two obnoxious, stupid, clueless CNN “journalists” clucking about pajama clad blogger anonymity. This is really starting to seriously piss me off, political blogging has been around for eight years now, and at least on the liberal side a very rigorous evolutionary vetting process has left the classic solitary blogger stereotype far, far behind its humble beginnings of 2002.

Yglesias is a super-brain who did not waste a millisecond absorbing the best Ivy education the world has to offer, writing now in a semi-essayist/blogging form as a professional journalist. Moulitsas, who I remember so well as that solitary guy in 2002, is now a vastly successful internet publisher (not just political) and author to go along with his fistful of degrees, two of them graduate. Those sickening CNN twerps couldn’t last five minutes in the pixels with Yglesias or Moulitsas, hell they make total asses outta themselves in the ludicrous television format right now, and they’re not ethically or intellectually fit to tie Yglesias’ or Moulitsas’ shoes.

Neither of which is anonymous, very few bloggers are now. I’ve never been, by the way, I use a pseudonym because employers get very uncomfortable if I use my real name in the screens. The goons on the right know this, of course, when I was employed at Symantec in the Bush years they’d constantly call me and harass co-workers , I had to go to HR to handle it. I doubt I would have kept my job without a pseudonym.

Yglesias and Moulitsas didn’t get to play by the awful and sickening DC rules of journalism either, by the way, it’s okay when Republicans lie and cheat and then have a media industry enable and magnify their bullshit, but the alleged liberal side we never, ever played by those disgusting rules, nor will we. Liberal loggers proudly use facts and reason and have never launched a lie into the mainstream news. Don’t agree? Show me.

No, both sides most assuredly do not do it, and the different rules, environments and ethos make the false equivalency between the right and left media environments all the more screamingly outrageous. Furthermore, liberal media adherence to truth and reason in the pixel environment has produced writers and intellects that absolutely pathetically dust the current nauseating television intellects like O’Reilly or Phillips.

Phillips is the appalling idiot who pestered an Iraqi doctor to make sure the limbless, atrociously burned boy who had lost his family understood the rationale for our lying war of endless shame.

So that when a consensus forms among “liberal” bloggers with minds and intellects like Yglesias and Moulitsas leading the way it’s almost always the best political solution for the country and Party. 2003 is long, long gone, just what exactly has stupid adherence to Fox News games given the White House? Listening to blogging left is plain good politics.

So is taking care of your base and lifting the spirits of those who are whipped and furious, like yours truly, the main thrust of Yglesias’ argument. Whatever it takes to bludgeon the absolute necessity of appointing Warren in the wandering, dazed minds of the White House—duty to country, the little people, Party—by all the atoms in the universe make the good politics happen.

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