Thursday :: Aug 12, 2010

More Silliness Way Too Early

by Steve

This is the kind of mindless drivel from the chattering class that drives me nuts. The country's in bad shape, the president was left a bag of burning crap on the front doorstep by the outgoing administration, the GOP and conservative Democrats have intended to fight and obstruct everything from Day One, and we're likely headed for a double-dip recession. So what does the Beltway start whispering about to avoid looking at itself in the mirror?

Having Hillary and Biden switch jobs in 2012. Really. Seriously.

John Fund, who of course is motivated to stir up a swirl on this, puts forward the idea in the WSJ. Former Virginia governor L. Douglas Wilder does the same for Politico. And a guy for Time does likewise.

Please stop with this nonsense. Having Hillary and Biden switch jobs for the ticket in 2012 isn't the panacea. The problem isn't with Biden or his gaffes, or getting more star power from having Hillary at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, or getting more white voters to come back to Obama. No, the problem starts and ends at the top. Obama and his actions don't match his rhetoric, and he's failed to fight effectively against those aligned against him.

I could be wrong, and such a switch could suddenly magically bring independents and white Democrats back into the fold, if in fact they're gone for 2012 as things currently stand, which is far from certain at this time. But to suggest in 2010 that such a job switch fixes Obama's problems lets the president and his opponents off the hook way too easily.

The problem starts and ends at the top.

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