Monday :: Aug 16, 2010

We Ask For So Much, Don’t We?

by paradox

I have been furious with my Party and Government over the years on various levels, as we all know quite well, often bewildered at the obliviousness to howling human pain and lost opportunity of incredible scale, but lately I’ve had this sharp question to consciousness if our political leadership is even on the same reality and planet I’m on. Base elements and policy are so humanly wrong and grossly politically stupid either the Party leadership is completely lost in space on quaaludes or I am.

Please excuse me, Mr. Robert Gates, I was ill last week with a vomiting syndrome and will now fail the Adult White House Asshole drug test because I desperately need my health to be a good worker. It can be grossly disorienting but after nine years of it I snap back very quickly now with the right medication, I am quite sure the Pluto politics examined this morning will reveal a political frame of reference quite healthy on my part, for I wasn’t the one who so stupidly maligned and inflamed his own people right before an election.

Absolute clarity and vivid understanding are sometimes completely necessary in stark forms of simplicity for certain evolutions of life, Mr. Gates, so just in case the above paragraph isn’t totally, irrevocably clear: fuck you.

Administration officials who can’t even display politics of self-preservation hasn’t got my mental center of gravity wobbly this morning, however, it’s the posts from demi-gods Krugman and Glenzilla about our beyond-appalling Catfood Commission, the secretly absurd body formed by our own President that wants to steal our Social Security savings for the little people so all the horrendous wars and tax cuts can be paid for. Even our soldiers will get their pay and benefits cut, all weapons systems still in place.

I so remember the feeling of rising political panic after Bush had won his second term and a total assault on Social Security that came out of nowhere right after he was sworn in. The Netroots frantically took up the cause to save Social Security, blessedly nothing happened, then that monster was finally gone.

Yet with the Democrats in charge of the White House and Congress somehow, in some far far away universe of political thinking, the Catfood Commission was created and exists to knife Social Security again. Under Democrats! The issue of whether anything eventually happens is totally irrelevant, just the base existence of the Catfood Commission and it’s slimy members (Alan Simpson is a lying, stealing, unfeeling creep) is beyond politically dumbfounding.

One lives the self-examined life, right, step calmly back for a few minutes and gently contemplate: is it too much to ask as a loyal Democrat that when your Party controls the Presidency and Congress cutting Social Security would never, ever happen, that it would never occur to any citizen in any form, let alone the Party leadership?

Answer: am I on planet earth?

Apparently it’s just too much to ask from Democratic Party base members that the signature liberal and Democratic Party accomplishment of all time, so vital to so many little people, be off limits. Those hippie pot smokers have some strange politics, eh?

The issue of disloyalty by dissention on my part amuses me, nothing I could do in a million years could ever match the heinous damage the political aliens in the White House accomplish on a weekly basis. It’s as if they want to lose, they can’t even understand the politics of Social Security.

Even if the loyalty issue had real potential relevance I wouldn’t care. The Obama Presidency knifed forever the love I held for them and Party after that filthy Afghanistan war supplemental vote, a viciously stupid form of insanity I was precisely promised would not happen again under leadership I put my name next to.

I tried to warn the Party months ago, love lost is a very bad thing, only terrible results await those who so foolishly squander it. Every disgusting quote from a member of that Catfood Commission, every scathing story from our best journalists and bloggers about it spears the hearts of more base members on a daily basis. You’re in trouble, Democratic Party, bad trouble, if you keep using ploys like Social Security fear mongering no political force in any universe will be able to save you.

Ha, what would I know? I want peace, employment, good schools, liberty, privacy and social security for the little people. So much to ask for in these times, so very much.

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