Friday :: Sep 24, 2010

Fun Times, eh David?

by paradox

You can be assured of my “enlistment” to motivate the base and the little people to vote for the Democratic Party, Mr. David Axelrod, when you stop those virulently disgusting wormtongue acts of mincing over to Politico with infuriating quotes of cowardly anonymity that ridiculously characterize the 90’s as “a lot of noise that didn’t get anything done.”

One could suppose it’s sentences like that keeps me from being invited to those veal pen blogger/White House conference calls, desultory droning exercises of bullshit, mostly, sometimes yielding useful truth but usually just a waste of time. Quite possibly.

Yesterday, as we all now know, was vastly different, for longtime heroine Susie Madrack lanced David Axelrod viciously, forcefully letting him know the hippie-punching and utter disdain the White House has shown for liberals of course hasn’t gone unnoticed, there’s a lot of anger over it, and if he thinks bloggers are motivated to get the base out he’s a full of shit as what he ludicrously thinks happened in the 90’s.

For the record, uno, thank you with all the depths of my soul and the lives of my grandchildren, Ms Susie Madrack, for your shining bravery in speaking truth to power to that mumbling anonymous quote chump. Thank god someone in the White House finally heard the truth, you earned eternal respect for it, Ms. Madrack.

Susie Madrack and I are not friends, but certainly not mere acquaintances, either, she is the best of people and I should be able to wink out a shipping address from her for a dozen roses delivered today. It’s the very least that can be done, if that doesn’t happen something gratefully tangible will happen quite soon. Susie has donation slots are her blog, if anyone else has a mind for grateful action, hmmmmm….

For the record, dos, the issue isn’t being wrong about the history of the 90’s per se, Mr. Axelrod (the 90’s were a horribly rising roar of bullying to persecute Bill Clinton by any filthy means at hand, anyone who believes Democrats were in an equal argumentative role in that corporate media freakshow is some kinda dense, seriously), but that the conclusion instantly, irrevocably is a stance of disgusting weakness, a monstrous green light of malleability and obsequious sycophancy to vicious political bullies. Machiavelli weeps.

Take a good god damn look around, David, did those cowardly anonymous quotes stop the Tea Bagger freakshow? When you display the base ability to comprehend basic American politics with any modicum of realism perhaps you’ll get some respect, Mr. David Axelrod.

For the record, tres, you can be sure of my “enlistment” (maybe you should shut up with that word, pencil neck, I’m positive it has very, very different meanings and comprehension for men outside of your frame of reference that, again, you’re clueless about) to motivate the little people for votes when your boss stops breaking promises like continuing the insane Afghanistan war with supplemental votes.

Folks are hungry and desperate and losing their homes, even the UAW has been broken with two-tier wages. If you expect me to work for Democrats while they heinously continue a war that horrifies me on many core principles dream the fuck on.

Fun times, eh David? May all the forces of the Earth and human souls keep you well and safe, Susie Madrack.

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