Tuesday :: Oct 12, 2010

Sea Swarm Oil Cleanup System

by Oly Mike

Spotted this on Truth Dig. Good ideas at MIT. Is that a surprise? You can read about it on Truth Dg or you can jump straight to the Sea Swarm for the pitch. The fleet uses GPS to communicate and cover a large area. BP might want to talk with these folks.

clipped from senseable.mit.edu

First generation prototype

Each Seaswarm robot is comprised of a head, which is covered by a layer of photovoltaic cells, and a nanowire covered conveyor belt. The photovoltaic cells generate enough electricity to keep the fleet moving for several weeks and provide the energy to propel the vehicles forward. As the head moves through the water the conveyor belt constantly rotates and sucks up pollution. The nanowire-covered belt is then compressed to remove the oil. As the clean part of the belt comes out of the head it immediately begins absorbing oil, making the collection process seamless and efficient.

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