Friday :: Oct 29, 2010

Where Do You Get Your News?

by Oly Mike

I get the WAPO and the NYT digest by email each day.

I also get the Slatest news email tickler.

I scan WAPO and the NYT to see what stories they are trying to spin. I scan Slatest for interesting takes on select news stories.

I also get OpEdNews by email. I scan a few blogs each morning, mainly Left Coaster, Crooks & Liars and a few others. For climate news I go to Climate Progress, Real Climate, or Grist.

But for my money, the best news source is Amy Goodman's Democracy Now.

I am also on several listservs and catch some interesting stories and news coverage from the other folks on the listservs.

How about you? Who do you trust? Or who do you read and why?

Oh, happy Friday to all!

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