Wednesday :: Nov 10, 2010

Can Anyone Loan Me $30 Million?

by paradox

Happiness, it has been said many times by minds far wiser than mine, is a choice. My reaction has always been an amused mild defiance, for although I think for many the thesis is absurd the people who state the idea are really wise, together folks, there has to be something to it. Plus there’s an innate attraction to the entire scenario, one wakes up day after day, makes a choice and happiness just happens. One of these days I’m going to have to try that.

What about hope? Such a crucial element to all our lives, perhaps even more than happiness. Selfish motives for singular pleasures are one thing, but hope vitally nourishes through times of turmoil and helps ensure sustainability of the race. No matter how bleak and discouraging the present, wouldn’t it be a serious mistake to look around and not choose hope? It’s about the country and all of us, not just me and this happiness stuff.

Very thankfully in these 2010 election times of bliss and temperance for all hope arrived in my browser without even looking from the enviably adamant Meteor Blades of Daily Kos. Very smart Pueblo Indians are building a solar electricity plant for $22 million with an immediate cash flow of $1 million upon completion, wow, I mean seriously wow, that’s a lot of cash from year 1, anyone care to loan me $30 million over 30 years ? I don’t have the land like the Pueblos.

Money, it has been said many times by even the least astute among us, doesn’t grow on trees. So very true, but oh my freaking god, the times and technology have given us this amazing miracle of having it fall from the sky, every year it streams in enough for a 30 year $30 million financing for no labor!

I could do that, seriously, if duty did not keep me in place on another path I’d drop everything to get $30 million for my own solar company, it would have to be absurdly easy, no bank is going to turn down a $1 million cash flow that falls from the sky.

Many Americans are going to look at those numbers and leap for it, it’s too obvious and easy, and our solar future will be a lot more on our way. Kevin Drum of Mother Jones recently blogged amusing news that a very good and serious group of climate scientists admitted they needed media help to get action started on global warming, the truth has been out there for a decade with obviously no progress.

Give it up, dudes, there is no army of media wizards waiting to be hired that could make our corporate media disseminate the truth on climate change, not with so much to lose for the oil companies. Forget about the truth, spread the gospel of greed and cash, of easy fortune and opulent American excesses. The truth often won’t motivate humans but easy money always will, solar energy is as childishly simple as it gets.

I loathe internal combustion, it cooks our atmosphere and current account while fueling an abhorrent militarism. It’s even a lousy technology, the energy transfer efficiency is laughably bad. If you don’t have dreams all you’ll get is nightmares, right, so my American one is a country free of Harley blat and diesel dust, of blue skies and a military a quarter of its present size, of giddy profitable investment for the future that really ensures a healthy planet for as long as the future lasts.

It’s not hard, we have to do it and the life adjustments will be minor. I’m a fervent solar guy but life is not about absolutes, I’m willing to accept a nuclear backbone of 20% to keep the grid up, there is no other solution. American life will slow down (get used to flying in electric blimps), we cheated speed far too easily with amazingly powerful fossil fuels. Not many Americans will object to ratcheting back the frantic pace of our modern lives for solar. It has to be done, right?

After the absolute disaster of last week, which has left me deeply upset and angry on many levels, I would distill all of my roiling emotions to this one sentence: I am a liberal because not based upon an ego-based defense of ideology, but because liberalism functionally works. Solar works and solves problems, full employment and wage gains solve problems. The Republicans, huh, they can’t even sustain the business environment they purport to enshrine.

No matter the immediate setback that slamming stark reality will sink further in as the pain of our issues creeps horribly on. Liberalism works for all of our people, such is the irrevocable knowledge and hope I choose going forward.

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